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  1. milburn


    It wouldn’t fit in with the dreaming spires skyline and for that reason it will never be sited there
  2. milburn

    Tsun Dai

    Out of all the rubbish we’ve signed so far I’d say Tsun Dai is the least likely to have been a KR signing.
  3. milburn

    Northampton Appoint Keith Curle

    The supporters blame Andy Melville for there current situation
  4. milburn

    Manager/Coach Robinson. Stay or go?

    But him staying is taking us back down to league 2. You might be right and keeping him might be no worse than getting rid but we have to roll the dice. Currently we have nothing to lose!
  5. milburn

    Manager/Coach Robinson. Stay or go?

    Go. I do not enjoy having this bloke as the face of our football club. He’s not a good manager, he never has been and probably never will be. I think (hope) tiger will have his replacement lined up before he gives him his P45.
  6. milburn

    Transfer targets?

    That would make him a pointless signing then. Surely KR must believe he can play the lone striker otherwise why is he here?
  7. milburn

    Transfer targets?

    Hopefully Tiger is saving the funds for the next manager
  8. milburn

    Carabao Cup - Manchester City (H) SOLD OUT

    If there’s no way back after 75 minutes is everybody going to leave again?
  9. milburn

    Home game +++ 09/09/2018 OUFC v Coventry City match day thread +++

    He wasn’t great at MK dons either!
  10. milburn

    Home game +++ 21/08/18 OUFC v Accrington Stanley +++

    Oxford 1 (Henry, 73’) Accy 1 (McConville, 90+1) RadOx listeners to drop by 93% during KR’s post match ramble. (Not due to interference though as Nathan Cooper has stolen KR’s laptop and sold it to Nick Harris as a flatpack microwave).
  11. milburn

    Robinson is the man

    If we lose 9 in a row I certainly wouldn’t give him 10!
  12. milburn

    Ex Player Thread

    Alfie Potter has signed for Billericay Towm
  13. milburn

    Player Ratings vs Barnsley

    I’d like to see KR incorporated into these ratings. We had no idea what we were doing tactically when Smith initially came on. He’s not renowned for a plan B and his hand was maybe forced but tactics/shape/organisation comes from the manager.
  14. milburn

    +++ 14/7/18 Oxford City Vs Oxford United and Hampton & Richmond Vs Oxford United +++

    What a (Jamie) guy this Obika fella is
  15. milburn

    Summer 2018 Official Transfer Thread ****

    He doesn’t get a choice!
  16. milburn

    FA Cup Final

    Yeah I got bored after 20/30 mins also. Decided to have a go at wallpapering the inside of my fridge instead.
  17. milburn

    Ex Player Ryan Ledson

    He gets stuff right but very very rarely about oufc
  18. milburn

    Next Seasons Kit

    This makes me realise that the new club badge was to accommodate Puma. May have looked a bit like a zoo until they caged the Ox.
  19. milburn

    Your help needed - End of season players awards dinner

    I would have thought the players would like him as he makes their interviews very easy by asking the answer with a question mark at the end rather than the question!
  20. milburn

    Retained list

    PRB thinks he’ll go which doesn’t sound promising
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