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    Interim update

    Good update.
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    Gavin Whyte

    I'd like to think Dave Jones pushed the story as a favour.
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    Ronaldo and Rape claims

    Seems like a pretty open and shut case when there's legal documentation of Ronaldo admitting that she kept saying no.
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    Manager/Coach Robinson. Stay or go?

    A part of me thinks KR is a fraud. It's hard to write him off though, because of threads like this. Shocked to see our friend Kip straight in there with the negative comment.
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    Transfer targets?

    Do the people saying KR is responsible for not getting deals done know that for sure? I'm not an expert, but having the manager in control of contract negotiations seems strange.
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    Transfer News harvey bradbury

    Looks like he could be alright. Hopefully he will make his mark in the first team at some point, but I remember as recently as last season people were saying James Roberts should be playing, so I won't get my hopes up.
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    Everything is fine.
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    Due diligence

    I wonder whether the minority shareholder played host to any of this forum's posters at the Sunderland game.
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    Robinson is the man

    Me too. Does Rosie come under that label? From the outside he seems to do a good job.
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    Home game +++ 09/09/2018 OUFC v Coventry City match day thread +++

    He'll get on well with those that like to leave early then.
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    Robinson is the man

    Charlie hasn't been talking to more farmers has he?
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    Another nail in the coffin.

    And they will win.
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    Another nail in the coffin.
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    Transfer targets?

    I wonder who the French bloke is.
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    Oxford Mail in Lack of Integrity Shock

    From Private Eye.
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    Guido is worse than the DM at this IMO. As a side note, it'll be interesting to see whether or not the DM changes now there's a new editor.
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    +++ 04/09/2018 OUFC v Fulham U21 Match Day Thread +++

    What extra would you be expecting from a 16 year old?
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    Robinson is the man

    What KR says to press matters to other clubs about as much as what's said in the RadOx phone in.
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    Disappointing Service

    The club need cash flowing in the off season. If they made season tickets available all season, getting less expensive after every match, wouldn't people just wait too see what we're like after a couple of games before buying (or not)? I think there could be a small discount or gift, but nothing...
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