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  1. Mojofilter

    General Gary Bloom Article

    Article in this month's "Therapy Today" about the psychotherapy work Gary Bloom is doing with the players and backroom staff. Not hugely insightful to the rubbings of the club, as its not for oufc fans as an audience, but an interesting interview nonetheless.
  2. Mojofilter

    West Oxfordshire pubs showing the game

    Bit of a long shot with the plague but I wondered if anyone knew of any pubs in West Oxfordshire/near Eynsham showing the final. I haven't been to a pub yet and doubt it will be feasible but I don't much fancy listening to it on radio Oxford all on my tod
  3. Mojofilter

    Games off

    Just announced, all games off until 3rd April. It's probably a good choice, but I'm still feeling narked
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