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  1. Jem

    OxVox AGM on Saturday - Venue Change

    OXVOX AGM NEXT SATURDAY - CHANGE OF VENUE MEETING NOW AT OXFORD ACADEMY The OxVox AGM next Saturday, 28 April 2018, will now be held at the Oxford Academy (formerly Peers School), Sandy Lane West, Oxford OX4 6JZ, and NOT at the Kassam Stadium. The meeting will be held in the Sixth Form Centre...
  2. Jem

    New OxVox Commitee!

    Hi all An email has been sent to members today detailing the members who’ll be joining your OxVox committee at the AGM on the 28th April. There are personal profiles (and pictures!) of the new guys in the email There will not be a need for an election as the 4 new people will replace the 4...
  3. Jem

    Committee Meeting Tonight

    Hi all Sorry for the late notice, but we have a committee meeting tonight. The primary purpose of this particular meeting is planning for the upcoming AGM on the 28th April and our new committee, but if you have any burning issues, then please do pop them onto this thread and we'll try and...
  4. Jem

    OxVox Committee Applications

    Hi all Just to confirm that the application deadline for the new OxVox committee closed at midnight last night. We're delighted to say that there have been a number of really excellent members who've put their names forward! Details will be emailed to members soon and obviously ahead of...
  5. Jem

    Tiger and 'comparisons'?

    Hi all. Following various posts/questions on this forum, I thought I’d add a few personal thoughts on Tiger and ‘comparisons’ that some have decided are in some way totally different or irrelevant from takeovers and potential takeovers in the recent past, whilst they've also taken the...
  6. Jem

    OxVox Committee Meeting on Friday.

    Hi all We have an OxVox committee meeting on Friday. Lots to talk about and there's a very full agenda! Sorry for the late notice, but if you have any burning issues (can't think what they might be?!), please use this thread to pop them down and we'll look to build then into the agenda...
  7. Jem

    Many thanks!

    Hi all Just a quick note of thanks to all those members (90+!) who attended last nights OxVox meeting at The Masons Arms. Consensus seems to be that it was a worthwhile evening and we're delighted to have had the expertise and excellent contributions on the night from Niall, Dan, Bob and Ian...
  8. Jem

    Hi all!

    Hi all! Welcome to the OxVox section of the new Yellows Forum! We'll look to use this area for all things relating to your Supporters Trust. Please do post or direct message us if there's anything you wish to say! Cheers Jem
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