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    National News Sir Keir Starmer - Not PM

    We went into the pandemic with thousands of Nursing jobs infilled; the NHS management were clearly doing their best to work within a budget. People can make their own minds up about ‘realistic’ budgets and what they would prioritise. You can probably console yourself with the inevitable...
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    EFL Where were they then?

    I don’t think he did. Our first game at their place saw Jamille Matt make his debut against us, when we conceded a fluke as a clearance rebounded off Matt over Brown. They had spent £300000 on Matt.
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    National News Sir Keir Starmer - Not PM

    Congratulations to Johnson, hell of a job with the DUP. The Empire begins to crumble…
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    Transfer News Transfer Window Summer 21

    Iirc Trevor Hebberd joined us as a forward and became a midfielder. Superb player!
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    League One League 1 transfers - Summer 2021 (non Oxford)

    Didn’t pull up any trees when he was on loan to us. Not overly bothered that he has moved elsewhere; I think we can do better.
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    Manager/Coach Robbo to WBA

    That old well-trodden route previously known as the Brian Horton route.
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    Dominic Cummings and goings ....

    He was appointed by Johnson. Sound/perceptive appointment? Maybe someone should take responsibility for this choice. I won’t hold my breath.
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    Transfer News Transfer Window Summer 21

    Many seem to have made their minds up that so far as Hanson goes ‘there isn’t a player in there.’ I do wonder whether a loan out for him to play regularly a specific position ( presumably defensive midfield) might help. Sadly given restrictions on playing squad size this may not be viable. Time...
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    Matches Blackpool Fan in Peace

    Congratulations, particularly after the ownership fiasco you have had to endure. Best wishes for the final, you seem to unearthed a very smart manager/coach. You are the best of a pretty ordinary play-off quartet, hope you enjoy the occasion!
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    Fan's View When Saturday Comes Issue 410

    Thanks for the ‘heads-up’. I used to read this regularly back in the day and will pick up a copy again.
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    Current Player Josh Ruffels

    The points being made about whether Josh is/can achieve ‘championship’ standard depend hugely on the players around him and how a team he may move to envisage deploying him. I’m sure many of us recall how Dean Whitehead was viewed when here of potentially ‘only’ likely to play at ‘championship’...
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    Away Match Day Thread 1/5/2021 L1 Shrewsbury Town v OUFC

    Congratulations to all the staff for taking us to the last day of the season! Despite the money from Rob Dickie’s sale not being properly invested in the squad; plenty to be proud of. Well done to all.
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    International News Black Lives Matter

    At least two people reported as ‘stakeholders’ contributing to the report are saying they haven’t been consulted. This relentless divisive politics is bloody tedious.
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    Manager/Coach Robbo out!

    Careful what you with for. There is always another Clotet, Asprey, Rix waiting to ‘give something back to the game’.
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    Ex Player Napa Joins Woking

    Good luck to the lad!
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    General Frank Worthington RIP

    As a player, without question a class act. RIP.
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    National News Brexit 31/1/20

    I think ‘(hopefully)’ is an extremely honest and optimistic assessment.
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    National News Boris Johnson - PM

    Make as many laws as you want. If they are unenforceable, or there is no-one to enforce them effectively it only amounts to politicians hot air.
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    Transfer News Players on the watch list

    I had thought about the potential of attracting Shannon back on loan as he recuperates. Robbo has talked about a forcing-type midfielder as being the kind of player he would like and maybe a decent interim measure until Chambers-Parillon is closer to a first team squad berth. I will be watching...
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