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    Home Match Build Up 18/5/2021 Play Off L1 OUFC v Blackpool

    Good shout that, bloody hell East Stand Row A - let's hope it's not raining! COYY.
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    Eaststandboy's portfolio

    It's something I have often thought I would like to get into, but a) I don't know enough about it all and b) I don't really have much spare cash to invest, so probably not ideal lol. If you have made any money so far would you say the amount you have made is worth it versus the effort and money...
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    Matches 1st ST Ballot

    From the article on the official website - "All fans who applied for tickets for these three games should receive an email in the next 24 hours, either with their e-ticket for the game or with a message thanking them for applying but telling them that they have been unsuccessful."
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    Home Match Day Thread 15/12/2020 L1 OUFC v Northampton Town

    It's a pain when you wear glasses - like watching a game in the fog! I did wonder whether one of those full face plastic masks are better in that case - even if you do look even more of a wally.
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    Home Match Day Thread 15/12/2020 L1 OUFC v Northampton Town

    I couldn't honestly get my head around what their argument could have been - earlier on there was a disagreement with a chap down the front of the stand - this may have been because he was pointing out the "stand supervisor" was going round with his mask down. But apart from that I just thought...
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    Home Match Day Thread 15/12/2020 L1 OUFC v Northampton Town

    I think Jamo needs to push up a bit, he's just not the same player this season, the goal v Hull last week he really enjoyed and I think he would get his mojo back playing in the 10 role or just off MT.
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    Home Match Build Up 24-10-2020 L1 OUFC v Swindon Town MATCH OFF

    I hope they cancel it before 5pm so I can return my 20ft step ladders to HSS today and save a few quid.
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    I was thinking it was something to do with the pub in Weston on the Green......
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    Matches kick off times moved forward

    But it doesn't get dark at 5pm yet?
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    It'll be just our luck.....

    I thought the same. Scumdon will also be midweek I bet.
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    +++ 03/07/20 L1 Play Off Semi Final: Leg 1 - Pompey v OUFC+++

    Pompey undefeated at home all season, but have never won a play off game (drawn 3, lost 3). You could therefore argue that the odds would favour a home win tonight. However I'm tempted to stick a couple of quid on Oxford 2-0 with the Dickster scoring first. 600/1 at SkyBet.
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    General All things Retro

    Here is some info about Logacta - the adverts for it were normally found in Shoot magazine. Although you can now get Excel based versions of the game on ebay for about a fiver, original boxed editions of the game can fetch around £200. https://www.oldfootballgames.co.uk/index.asp?pageid=70438
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    General All things Retro

    Shoot, League Ladders, Subbuteo - all fantastic memories. Then there was Logacta, the chart soccer game played with dice. Hours and hours of rolling dice and entering scores into the chart soccer book. Sounds so boring but was blooming brilliant.
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    Games off

    Yes if - and I realise it's a big IF - it does restart on 4th April then as you say we have 3 games to fit in - so in theory you could squeeze them in midweek and still finish the season on time - eg we could play Tuesday 7th, Tuesday 21st (not the 14th as that's after the Easter weekend and we...
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    EFL Covid and the play offs

    I'll certainly be getting my stilts out if this happens.....
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    Match Buildup Wycombe away

    Now SOLD OUT!
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    Shrewsbury Away Tickets

    Thanks but it doesn't say that at all, if anything it implies they are NOT available on the day - "Tickets will go off sale online on 3pm Tuesday 3rd March and only be available in person and over the telephone until 3pm on Friday 6th of March." It normally says you can pay on the day if you...
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    Shrewsbury Away Tickets

    Can you pay on the day though?
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