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    National News Unemployment rising

    An unsettling trend, with worse to come. The resulting social consequences are upsetting for those affected.
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    FA Cup Fireworks stop play at Cheltenham !

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    Not all farmers are shysters

    Following something I read on the “Brexit 31/1/20” thread, which inferred that many farmers are indifferent and far from the custodians of the countryside. Here’s one who does care. He’s a local (Shilton,between Burford & Carterton) chap,Harry Metcalfe
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    Beatles- Get Back. A new film preview by Peter Jackson

    Apologies. Whether a Beatles fan or not, I was hoping to brighten up our COVID affected day. I couldn’t attach the Youtube file !
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    League One Should we report Racist incidents at football

    I raise this after listening to the Tottenham vs Chelsea game. Three tannoy announcements were made regarding such an occurrence. If witnessed: Should/would you(we) report the perpetrator(S).
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    Pyro thrown from North stand against Wycombe

    I see someone, masquerading as an Oufc fan,risked the club a heavy fine and possible other consequences. Was anyone apprehended ?
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    Sunderland coach waiting list

    Ticket office just announced may add a 3rd coach if sufficient interest. If interested send your details to:
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    Bury ticket refunds

    If you registered for the above,monies are available via ticket collections at the Peterborough game. Exiles not able to collect, will have to send there bank details. Any surplus unclaimed will be given to a local community cause.
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    Jamie Mackie- have we finally seen a glimpse of him being effective ?

    Whilst only on the pitch for the second half at Fleetwood, for the first time I didn’t find myself caught up in his usual short comings. There’s a reason for that, by and large there wern’t any. The change of formation,after he replaced Brown, brought out a positive rather than futile attitude...
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    Fleetwood away

    Really looking forward to this now. All aboard coach 1. Hoping that the performance and result, amply rewards The London Road Travel Club and the other travelling fans.
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    Time to change road signs to read Oxford United

    With Tigers stated intent to market Oxford United and Oxford, is it therefore not logical tin have the Kassam Stadium Road directional signs changed to Oxford United. First the badge, now the signs.
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