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    Manager/Coach Jim Smith RIP

    Hard to believe. Thanks for the memories. RIP Jim
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    Fan's View - Luton away

    I don't often post on the forum but I always really look forward to reading the fans view. It hasn't always been easy reading this season, but what you write is fair and insightful and is always really well written. Thanks for writing them this season I really hope you'll be inspired to carry on...
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    Roofe, Maguire, Dunkley, Hylton

    And Hemmings for Notts County
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    Home Match Day Thread +++ 13/10/18 OUFC v Plymouth Argyle +++

    Plymouth will do what they always do - keep 11 men behind the ball and defend and draw us onto them then they'll attack on the break when they get a chance (probably only one in the match) and score, then they'll sit 11 behind the ball again. They are bound to score because we can't keep a clean...
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    Fan's View - Luton at home

    Spot on with the comment about the inevitability of Luton grabbing the winner - you could just see it coming and it was the same with their equaliser - we can't keep clean sheets so you knew they were going to score at some point. The mood outside afterwards was just flat and depressed I...
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    Steve Obika

    He was a footballer? I never realised
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    Transfer targets?

    Didn't KR say a while back that if any deals hadn't been completed by Thursday evening they would be held over till next Monday so everyone could concentrate on Saturday? Sure that's the case here.
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    My God, I miss The Manor

    Someone once said that heaven is a single second in time that was your perfect moment - in that case for me it's five to three on a summers afternoon standing on the London Road with the teams coming out. The expectation of what is coming, the noise of the crowd, the smell of burgers and cigars...
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    Robinson is not the man

    Haven't posted much on the forum at all but had to say hello to @Borntobeyellow
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    Ex Player Ryan Ledson

    Doesn't PNE remind you an awful lot of Dagger?
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