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  1. Joey's Left Boot

    FSF loking to lobby the EFL re Ifollow
  2. Joey's Left Boot

    Chairman Tiger's Business(es)

    Does anyone the names of his other business interests and where one could buy the products/services they offer? Websites for them perhaps?
  3. Joey's Left Boot

    Matches Poll: Saturday Winter Kick Off Times 1pm or 3pm

    A few clubs are kicking off at 1pm on Saturday to get the game done before the floodlights need to be turned on as a cost saving measure. But, what would you prefer?
  4. Joey's Left Boot

    Matches Poll: Do you prefer 7pm or 7.45pm kick offs?

    I'd like to gather opinion on midweek kick off times, it'd be great to let the club know given the amount of midweek games we're going to have.
  5. Joey's Left Boot

    Home Match Build Up Watching from The Fence End

    I haven't got a van but if I did I'd watch this Saturdays game on the roof of it at The Fence End! We've seen s couple of instances now of Pompey and Sunderland fans watching unchallenged from the car park so it would be great to have some Oxford fans there making a racket! There's nothing to...
  6. Joey's Left Boot

    Match Buildup Playoff Home Leg - cover the seats with the big flags?

    Obviously no fans will be allowed in the stadium for the playoff game. So, rather than a load of blue seats on display against Pompey can OxVox or whichever group has access to the big flags we've seen over the years lay them over the empty seats? It would be great if nearly every seat is...
  7. Joey's Left Boot

    Current Player Mous on TalkSport this morning

    Jon Mousinho will be on TalkSport taking on Simon Jordan in the Jim White show this morning between 10 and 1PM.
  8. Joey's Left Boot

    Match Buildup Ipswich at home 14th January

    I heard at the ground yesterday that the Ipswich game could be on Tuesday 14th January providing we don't need a replay against Hartlepool. The big games just keep on coming!
  9. Joey's Left Boot

    Match Buildup MK Dons Away - biggest L1 away crowd of the season?

    If current form continues I can see us taking 4k there as it's a big away end and not all ticket. What's this season's league 1 away crowd? Probably Sunderland or Pompey?
  10. Joey's Left Boot

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    I've tried many times to lose weight over the years and the only time I managed to do so was when I had some support so I thought I'd start this thread to help. Hopefully it'll become a thread where any of us who are trying to lose weight can support each other and share food and drink ideas and...
  11. Joey's Left Boot

    New Kit 2019/20

    I love a new kit. I shouldn't get excited as I do at my age about a kit I'm never going to wear myself but I always really look forward to the unveiling of the new kit. OxBible has speculated this morning on what the new kit will be and it is similar to a template Puma offer:
  12. Joey's Left Boot

    Tonights Games

    Just thought I'd start a thread for us to discuss the other games that will affect us tonight. Let's hope for a bit of luck because the last thing we want is to have to go to Blackburn and get something.
  13. Joey's Left Boot

    Loft conversions

    Anyone had a loft conversion done or is a builder that does them? If so how much roughly are they? We're looking to create an extra bedroom so not worried about having an en suite in there. Would need a dormer and velux window or two and the hot water tank would need moving as it's in the middle...
  14. Joey's Left Boot


    Someone had to start a Brexit thread. ???? It had to be a lefty....
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