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  1. RyanioBirdio

    EFL Papa John’s Trophy

    Looks like the EFL couldn’t be bothered to actually play the final of last year’s competition, but they found time to get a new sponsor in. Let the pizza based puns commence...
  2. RyanioBirdio

    Live music post-covid

    Since there’s been a lot of talk across other threads about gigs and live music, thought I would create its own space and also provide a little update. I’ve been involved in a few discussions about this in the last couple of weeks, but there are now live performances being organised that are...
  3. RyanioBirdio

    Champions League Citeh banned and fined
  4. RyanioBirdio

    Tinpot Trophy

    Sunderland lose out to Portsmouth on penalties in front of a full house after a 2-2 draw. Bet the EFL clowns are rubbing themselves silly over having such a massive attendance for their beloved Frankenstein of a competition. On the plus side, Netflix will have some cracking content coming up...
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