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    Manager/Coach Robbo out!

    Haven’t got a specific example to hand, but am sure I’ve heard of examples where it is cheaper to get rid of managers when there are clauses in re league position etc. Of course you may be right.
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    Manager/Coach Robbo out!

    Robinson has seriously underperformed from the play offs onwards. He deserves a lot of credit for getting us to the play-off final, but there have been some catastrophic mistakes since and a couple of his old old mannerisms (trying to reinvent the wheel / throwing players under the bus) have...
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    Home Match Day Thread 28/11/2020 L1 OUFC v Swindon Town

    Thanks to those volunteers who put the displays up in the ground - looks great!
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    Away Match Day Thread 31/10/2020 L1 - Fleetwood Town v OUFC

    I reckon there would be a clause re notice period i.e. 12 months pay if sacked / compensation if he moves on. I don’t reckon the whole of the remainder of the contract would need to be paid etc. I’m not advocating him being sacked, but we were poor in the play offs and have had a disastrous...
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    General Online merchandise sales

    Some really nice new leisure tops have been added..the Iconic range..
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    General 2020/21 New Kit

    Yep was thinking the same. Appreciate we are probably tied in to a standard Puma template kick deal but was hoping for a bit of imagination with this 3rd kit. Even thought maybe they’d do something with the colours of Thailand ??. With our new sponsors and links etc thought that might be worth...
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    Current Player Rob Dickie

    Good news if that is the case, but seems a little high to me dues to his contractual situation. I do hate these 'undisclosed' fees, doesn't help with transparency of which more is needed in football.
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    Current Player Rob Dickie

    On the 30th July the Oxford Mail reported KR saying the following about Dickie :- "There's been a lot of interest. "We've had a phone call (talking) in excess of an awful lot of millions. "Would that be enough to get him? We've said no. It's quotes like that which get the fans speculating on...
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    Ex Player Kristaps Grebis

    Not a wind up is it?!!
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    Current Player Brannagan & Co to stay and take us to the championship?or not....

    Great news and it continues what seems to be a great start to the transfer window. Got so much time for CB. He is a top player, but also seems such a solid leader and pro. Love the way he speaks about the game and club. To top it off he had the balls to step up and smash the winning penalty v...
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    Don't think Sercombe is right for us but he’s not 33! He is 30.
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    Ref Watch +++ 13/07/20 L1 Play Off FINAL - OUFC v Wycombe+++

    Probably not adding anything new here but.. Play off games - we fell short, end of. We probably played well for about 90 minutes across the 3 games, that is not good enough. We did look good after we equalised last night, but why did we not sustain more pressure for a greater part of the game...
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    Current Player Mark Sykes

    I think his crossing could have been better tonight, but a very good performance nonetheless. Hope he pushes on next season, could be a big player for us.
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    +++ 13/07/20 L1 Play Off FINAL - OUFC v Wycombe+++

    A week ago I was definitely viewing this as a bit of a 'free hit' but now I feel differently. The 2010 Wembley win may well have kept us in business, and today may be not quite as significant in that context but promotion to the Championship could be a real game changer. If we spent the...
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    Would we be ready for The Championship?

    Also if you end up selling players who are performing in the Championship then the transfer fees seriously jump up... but let’s get past Wycombe first, it will be a tough game..
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    +++ 06/07/20 L1 Play Off Semi Final: Leg 2 - OUFC v Pompey +++

    Was a good mate of mine at school.. Decent Rugby player and class Hockey goalkeeper..
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    What if playoffs cannot be played?

    And the increased solidarity payment which I think is c4.5 million..
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    Current Player Mous on TalkSport this morning

    We seem to have our own hotline to Talksport at the moment.. KR has been on the last few Sundays, the other day Rosie was on chatting with Ray Houghton about the Arsenal home win in 86. I think Jordan speaks a lot of sense, his style won't go down well with some but he has some really...
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    How to complete the season

    Weighted points per game seems the fairest way to me. The Bolton shenanigans, who Wycombe played first game, has already made this season unfair. The least fair option would be to simply void the season. The league tables are surely valid, we’re not looking at early season league tables. 75% of...
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    Current Player Who’s out of contract?

    Think Ruffels contract ends this year but the club has a 1 year option to extend. I reckon there will be interest in him from other clubs. Great fitness / always being available etc combined with being able to play in a couple of positions would make him a decent signing for quite a few clubs.
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