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    Transfer News January Changes

    I know it might be a bit early to start this thread but who should go and who would we like in? In an ideal world I would ship out Shodipo, Agyei, Sykes where appropriate sell or loan. Bring in Marcus Browne, Nathan Holland , an experienced Centre Back and another left back, again on loan/buy...
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    Matches The only good thing about Saturday

    The one and only thing I can think that was good about Saturday, was that Clare not being available means he has "dodged a bullet"and cannot take anymore stick. Having said that I think playing him further forward is definitely a far better option for him and the club. In hindsight (I know he...
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    General Rosies Testimonial in 2007

    During lockdown I have cleared out my loft and come across a signed Matt Elliot shirt from Rosies Testimonial in 2007. So far so good, however does anybody remember who else played in this game as it is covered in signatures and I haven't a clue? Any help gratefully received...
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    General Are we missing Faz ?

    Just a thought, but given all the current reasons offered why its not happening for us currently, are we missing the calm voice of reason of Faz . I know we have the current backroom staff but do they offer the same depth of experience and advice that he did previously. Before you all jump on me...
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    The Return of the App

    What is the consensus of opinion regarding the reception Appy will receive on Boxing Day? My view will be that when he was with us he got it right eventually and that should be acknowledged , however after that reception the focus should be Robbos Team , 3 points and move on. Thoughts???
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    Ex Player Jordan Graham anybody

    Has anybody any idea where he is currently plying his trade . First time round he was magic, seems injuries took its toll and whilst good in patches second time , not the player he was. Would he do as a stop gap player, would he add value to the squad?
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    Manager/Coach KR Telegraph Interview

    I've just read a really interesting article in the Telegraph online about KR. I know that being a manager of any side is always a Marmite situation, (you won't please everybody all of the time etc) but I found this article ,and others recently, to be a good opportunity to understand some of the...
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    What price Nelson

    Having just read that Stoke paid £2M for Lindsay from Barnsley just dreaming what price Nelse would have fetched he if was still under contract. Before any smart arses tell me he's out of contract I know , however having witnessed Lindsay absolutely shitting himself (not literally) every time...
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    Jamie Mackie

    This man took a fair amount of stick early on this season when he clearly wasn't match fit and played out of position. Its time we acknowledge his contribution both on and off the pitch for the U's. He is articulate , from what I hear, great around the dressing room, top senior pro and an...
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    JP Pitman

    Guest of honour Saturday subject to a last minute fitness test. Wasn't fit enough , long enough to judge whether he was good or bad. Not a legend for us me thinks.
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    Where was Derry Saturday?

    Was it me , but where was the third man of the trilogy Derry on Saturday?? Did I miss some statement , article, however where was he Saturday? Put an old fella out of his misery please , any answers/ideas (could regret asking that )
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    The most important Issue is ????

    Never mind our defensive deficiencies , wind up orders , new stadium possibilities, who is going to score our goals etc, clearly the most important issue is ................ What music will be played in the dressing room prior to kick off? I listened to KR interview after Saturdays game and...
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    Cameron Norman ?????

    Can somebody update me on where/what/how is Cameron Norman. Has he been abducted by Aliens or what ?. I know he is raw and learning his trade but he has disappeared from the squad.
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    Sending Off

    Is it me, or was I the only one to have grave concerns about Shandon after the initial booking and subsequent challenges in the first half. I was convinced that KR and the other two stooges would sub him at half time to avoid a second booking and being down to 10 men. Nothing , diddled and...
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