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    General 11th May 1985

    We beat Barnsley 4-0 at the Manor to clinch the second division championship. I remember walking away from the London Road feeling ecstatic only to discover the horror that had unfolded at Valley Parade that afternoon. The fire that started under the wooden main stand claimed the lives of 56...
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    Club Shop

    Anyone know what times the club shop (at the stadium) is open tomorrow? Having a senior moment and can find it on the mobile site.
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    Super Cup

    Nice little trip to Estonia for the supporters of the two Madrid clubs to see tonight's game!
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    Franchise Friendly

    Anyone going? My outlaws live in Bletchley so I can kindly drop wife and son there then head off to match with daughter.
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    Grand National

    Not a betting man usually but, on names alone, I can't decide were on a "Tiger Roll" or have "DelusionOfGrandeur".
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    The Priory

    Firstly, apologies if this is old news. I noticed a Chancellors board by the Priory yesterday. I can't do links but a search using "Chancellors Grenoble Road" reveals that the Priory is available to rent. Is this FK sub-letting or the City Council allowing FK to avoid doing the place up...
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