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    Matches Should clubs look at compensating fans?

    I fully expect a load of grief for this but here goes... With it looking more and more likely that fans won’t be allowed into games this season do clubs need to start looking at pricing of season tickets or some form of compensation for fans? If I hadn’t bought a season ticket and decided to...
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    FAO Chester based Oxford fans for Play Off final

    For anyone based in Chester then I have booked a table at the City Tavern (the old temple bar) on Frodsham street for the game on Monday. It would be good to get a few of us in there to support the yellows. I know there is at least 1 other chester based fan, is there any others?
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    General Season tickets/state of football once this is over.

    Premier League clubs are now starting to announce that a lot of them will freeze prices for next season. Renewals have been extended and announced that if games for this season are cancelled or played behind closed doors then a pro rata refund will be given or a pro rata credit against next...
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    Fund raising for our club

    This may not be in the right section so please feel free to move it to the best section MODS. I have been in discussions with Zaki over the last few days about whether we, the fans can help the club with cash flow by raising money and whilst he doesn't want to put a extra burden on fans in...
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    OxVox update

    I hope OxVox don't mind me posting this update, given how bored we all are it might be good for people to get some update on the club. It sounds like the losses were expected with certain debts paid up like DE paid now. Worrying that the club will stand to make losses of £3.5 million per year...
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    Firstly I know everyone’s circumstances are different but I found it embarrassing that the club had to send a message out so quickly about refunds as people were straight onto the club to ask how they get their money back. We have just seen from our accounts that the club made 4 million pound...
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    Tech help

    I'm after help finding a way of getting an app/streaming site for all football and movies on my amazon fire stick? Edit: just realised this is in the matches section so MODs please could you move it to the relative section.
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    +++ 23/07/19 PSF OUFC V Fulham +++

    Says something when there hasn't been a thread starting for a match with less than 2 hours to KO! I think the line up will be the strongest possible side and I'd also expect to see Mackie and Hall make an appearance since Fulham won't be a side who will kick lumps out of us. I also think we...
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