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  1. Nick p

    Manager/Coach Robbo out!

    KR seems to lack bottle for big games, play off final for instance & is resorting to throwing players under the bus, if he hadn’t already started to lose the changing room, he soon will!
  2. Nick p

    How to complete the season

    Why not just finish this season when we can, even if it's after the official start of next season with all contracts extended to cover the matches left this season. Then for next season, no league games just series of cup competitions (the League & FA Cup as normal as they can be) plus a one off...
  3. Nick p

    How to complete the season

    Each club could send their best tossers to Wembley for a day of Tossing to see who is relegated, promoted & eventually champions!!
  4. Nick p

    General Yesteryear

    That was the day Crewe didn't make the game all ticket, so many Oxford turned up they had to open the ground early to let the fans & when the players came out it was like a Manor ground atmosphere, with some home Crewe fans locked out!!
  5. Nick p

    Team for Posh Saturday

    Sykes has to start, he’s improved so much this season, creates lots & has added craft & learnt the darker arts as seen in the professional foul at st James park!
  6. Nick p

    Newcastle Utd (FA Cup)

    Try Split Your Ticket & see if Oxford to Derby, Derby to York, York to Newcastle & return helps, reduced cost from Derby from £104 day return to £57.13 by doing that so should help reduce cost.
  7. Nick p

    Current Player 2019/20 First Team Squad

    Never said that What I was saying was that even if he wasn't doing well there may not be the flexibility to leave him out as there would be another player
  8. Nick p

    Current Player 2019/20 First Team Squad

    I saw yesterday that Liverpool aren't happy with the game time another player they had loaned out to a Championship side & had started to talk about invoking a clause that meant more money had to be paid for the player! So that sounds like that Woodburn could be playing awful but still get to...
  9. Nick p

    Erick and the Election

    Would appear Erick now owns oufc
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