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  1. MJB

    League Two Tranmere Rovers getting their knickers in a twist

    Cheer yourself up with this masterpiece of a tantrum, sorry, statement. Sue. Perb.
  2. MJB

    General Get to Truck (2020)

    Who’s going to the Festival this year then? Will be there as usual - announcement of the lineup looks good. Particularly happy that The Big Moon are on there - woof.
  3. MJB

    In the last ten years...

    We’ve come a long way.
  4. MJB

    Update on Singha and use of J’s Bar

    Can’t see this being discussed elsewhere but have people seen the club’s update on beers and bars? Nice to see the club recognising that there has been a gap in the matchday experience post-Priory. As a driver to games, I don’t...
  5. MJB

    Ex Player Big feature on Ryan Clarke

    From OUFC fan Dan Church. Lots of insights into the guy and his time with us.
  6. MJB

    Ex Player Billy Hamilton’s Board Game

    The ever brilliant Danny Baker produced a one-off special for his Brushing Up series for the last World Cup which was recently repeated on BBC4 and is available to watch on iPlayer. In the second half of the show, there’s a segment in which a board...
  7. MJB

    Manager/Coach Coaching set-up

    Local BBC is reporting that current coaching set-up, including Faz, is to remain but rejigged and potentially added to alongside the introduction of the Under-23 system we’re introducing. Pleased to hear it, personally.
  8. MJB

    The Rolling Football League Thread

    I see that lot down the road got beaten tonight. S***don were fifth before tonight... “David Flitcroft's Swindon have now lost five games in a row in all competitions and could fall to 11th after Saturday's fixtures.” What a lovely Friday night of football!
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