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    International News Covid-19 .....

    Didnt think it would be long before it was the parent's fault :rolleyes:
  2. J

    Manager/Coach Chrissy A

    Thats a real shame but completely understandable given his personal circumstances.
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    National News Covidiots.....

    I'd argue famine and war are worse, among others.
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    Matches Crewe

  5. J

    Matches Crewe

    Can you play left wing? Would be my guess
  6. J

    Matches Crewe

    So Artell does know why it was called off then, because Crewe didnt meet the appropriate guidance and protocols. Again. So his rant is, as we expected, a blame deflection exercise for the more gullible element of their fanbase.
  7. J

    Matches Crewe

    "Decision has been taken after the club considered the relevant guidance from the EFL and Government" They have failed to meet the guidance in some way
  8. J

    Matches Crewe

    Sounds to me like they were asked if they'd tested following saturdays game and they hadnt...again. Hence the tests last day or so
  9. J


    Its very convenient. Means you can justify ignoring lockdown restrictions/the real world whilst calling yourself a freedom fighter.
  10. J

    League One New Plough Lane Stadium

    Fans will actually be able to see the pitch from the stands at their place now. Not sure whether thats a good or bad idea.
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    Matches Crewe

    TBF this is the man who thought it OK to not test the whole team after getting a confirmed case, then pitch up at the ground with a team who had been in close contact with a newly confirmed case and demand that the game be played. And wanted congratulating after for being honest. No surprise if...
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    Home Match Day Thread 13-10-2020 L1 OUFC v Crewe Alexandra (2nd attempt MATCH OFF)

    Bazza Im intrigued. Are you saying everyone should isolate after a test even if its a routine test and not a suspected case?
  13. J

    International News Covid-19 .....

    Or had to go to the shop because they were out of food
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    Championship Clotet fokuses on new challenges

    He is astonishingly arrogant and brazen reportedly, which probably interviews quite well. It looks like he didnt try all the favours for mates signing at Birmingham that he did with us.
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    General MK at home followed by Covid-19

    Yes - Europe are taking the "shut the stable door so the horse doesnt bolt" approach. We are taking the shut the stable door after the horse has bolted.
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    Non-League tomorrows matches to go ahead? Assets on loan?

    Clubs are waiting to hear from the FA/their respective leagues. It'll be a bit ridiculous if 7000 turn up at North Leigh.
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    I suspect that you are struggling with the concept of an internet forum
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    Manager/Coach Karl Robinson - Will he walk

    Getting a bit confusing with all the funny accents, odd socks and married men stroking other men's chests in front of each other :(
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