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  1. Grumpy Git

    National News A Question of Sport

    Sue Barker is leaving after 23 years. Matt Dawson & Phil Tufnell are also leaving, they had 16 & 12 years respectively. Terrible news! First Bake Off now QOS.
  2. Grumpy Git

    And so to Wembley

    Two teams with completely contrasting styles. Oxford a passing side, Wycome a boot it long side. Wycombe had just 21% possession and still scored 2. I expect th em to use all the dark arts, off the balls fouls and try anything they can to stop football being played.
  3. Grumpy Git

    EFL Covid and the play offs

    I have a feeling that should the Coronavirus continue to effect the nation, that the authorities will start banning fans and playing league games behind closed doors. However, I think they might shelve the Play Offs and whoever finishes third gets promoted. They won’t want a full house at...
  4. Grumpy Git


    Ban them. Non league.
  5. Grumpy Git

    Why are we so poor at corners.

    When did we last get something from a corner? To me it seems we pump a ball in, aiming for Rob Dickie, time after time after time. There just doesn’t seem to be any planned change.
  6. Grumpy Git

    Premiership Managers complaining

    I see on Sky Premiership Managers are upset abou5 FA Cup replays. Steve Bruce and others are moaning about having to play the replay during the Premiership break, they have too many games. But they’ve only have 38 league games, we have 44 (normally 46). we have extra FA cup games. We have...
  7. Grumpy Git


    Ban them.
  8. Grumpy Git

    Current Player Dickie

    Dickie misses the Rotherham game on Saturday due to 5 yellows. Why was he booked Against Donny? I saw no foul?
  9. Grumpy Git

    Appleton to Lincoln

    Appleton may be appointed as Lincoln manager, ahead of our game. Noooooooo.
  10. Grumpy Git


    How sad 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  11. Grumpy Git

    League One playoffs

    I hope Doncaster get thru. A desolate place up’t north with very little to make a weekend of it. Besides Pompey, Sunderland and Charlton will bring a fair few to our place.
  12. Grumpy Git


    I think we can get something from this game and send them into the play-offs. I reckon if we do, they will screw up in the play-offs and remain in League One. COYY’s.
  13. Grumpy Git

    The pitch

    It’s looking awful in front of the South Stand. Probably the worst I’ve seen it since the egg chasers were here. Who looks after it?
  14. Grumpy Git

    Scum 0 - Woking 1

    Well done Woking. Your next game in the National league South will be far more difficul
  15. Grumpy Git

    One up top

    What is it with the insistence of bringing all outfield players back for free kicks and corners? Leave one up front and the opposition have to leave a couple of their defenders back to defend, a couple of big guys who can't be attacking the ball. You also have an outlet for a cleared ball. I...
  16. Grumpy Git

    What happened in the SSU ?

    There seemed to be a ruckus in the South Stand Upper last night. A Policeman was seen... Shock! Any idea what it was?
  17. Grumpy Git


    From the SSU I counted 20 of the 54 lights were not working last night. This is ok for a moonlit summer evening, but wait until we get to a cold miserable evening in February. Who is supposed to sort this, Kassam or the club?
  18. Grumpy Git

    Palace programme?

    Was there a programme yesterday? I arrived at 2:35 in the SSU and there was no programme seller. Last season there were probably 3 or 4 games where they had either run out or were really low.
  19. Grumpy Git

    50/50 will be back

    Good to hear that the club has decided to revert to the good old 50/50. I will now be purchasing a programme and two Fifty-Fifty tickets each game. A fiver each game for the club.. Just make sure there are plenty available.
  20. Grumpy Git

    Cardiff vs Wolves

    Pleased Wolves got that. Neil Warnock is a foul mouthed idiot. Hope Cardiff miss out on promotion.
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