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    505th in the world

    Apparently, according to this site, that's where we're ranked, right next to FC Cincinatti (someone who supports that team sent me this link). You may of course wonder whether this could possibly have any basis in reality...but...
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    After today's games

    I reckon it's 6 more points in the bag for us. Doncaster (losing at home to Accrington) and Luton (held at home by AFC Wombles) are there for the taking.
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    Where we'll end up...12th

    We're currently in 19th after 35 games. However, we're really doing that poorly thanks to the first five to 10 games of the season. Looking at the form table of our last 30 games, we're in 16th place, last 25 games in 11th, last 20 games in 9th, last 15 games in 14th, last 1o games in 12th...
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    Following, or semi-following, on iFollow

    A number of us who live outside the UK have subscribed to iFollow in order to watch the mighty Yellows play (even when they play less than mightily). Initially we were able to use a work-around (opening two tabs) that allowed us to both watch and listen to the game at the same time. (Yes, for...
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