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  1. Shropshire U

    Away Match Day Thread +++ 07/03/20 Shrewsbury Town v OUFC +++

    Every game is a big one now as we fight to get back into the play-offs. Shrewsbury are managed by a duo who met as teenagers at OUFC: Sam Ricketts and Dean Whitehead. Shrews supporters don't like Ricketts much as he has concentrated on defensive tactics to keep them away from the relegation...
  2. Shropshire U

    Sport Wilder v Fury

    I see that there is to be a big fight in Las Vegas in the small hours of Sunday morning our time. We all know that Chris can be a bit chippy, and he's done very well with his beloved Blades, but surely he is taking on too much on this occasion? He'll be jet-lagged too...rushing across the...
  3. Shropshire U

    Chris Wilder

    Fair play to Wilder for Sheffield United's promotion to the Premiership (pretty much definite now). I know he's not our most popular ex-manager but it's a genuine footballing achievement, and not done on a big budget either. I'm not a great statto but a skim through the records shows that if we...
  4. Shropshire U

    L1 Relegation candidates

    So who is going down to L2? Via a combo of gut feeling and a bit of statto delving I reckon that... Wimbledon are for the drop (a couple of wins lately but their goal scoring record is woeful). Bradford are for the drop (surely the managerial turmoil will come home to roost). Rochdale are for...
  5. Shropshire U

    Jimmy McIlroy

    Just a note to acknowledge the death of Jimmy McIlroy. Anyone else out there remember seeing him play in his Burnley days (and later for Stoke)? He was one of the best footballers I have ever seen: brilliant control; superb passing; a real football brain; and a good goalscorer for an "inside...
  6. Shropshire U

    Current Player Is Simon Eastwood our best ever keeper?

    I can't think of a better keeper to have graced the Manor / Kassam than Eastwood. Paricularly in the light of the fact that he has played behind some dodgy defenders, with few stable permutations in front of him.
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