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  1. OxfordNondie

    Current Player Mackie

    Whilst we joke about it, KR is clearly bringing on Mackie even with seconds left for a reason Pay as u play I suspect Like the 2020 21 contract for Hall this sentiment is stretching the boundaries and costly us money Plus with a 100% fit squad Holland and Wooburn back will question the match...
  2. OxfordNondie

    Allocated seats??

    Let's come to an agreement now For the Newcastle game do we sit in our allocated seat?
  3. OxfordNondie

    Mini bus to Newcastle

    Potentially 2 spaces going Leave Sat early stay over back Sunday From Botley Anyone?
  4. OxfordNondie

    Current Player Rob Hall

    Is it me but on Saturday he looked slow BUT more worryingly over weight. Was surprised we offered a contract but this observation makes it worse.
  5. OxfordNondie

    RANGERS announced today

    Waiting over
  6. OxfordNondie

    Pre season friendly

    1 off game in Europe I hear Eastern European
  7. OxfordNondie

    Sunderland away opportunity

    2 places on mini bus leave Oxford Friday morning 10am return Sunday 2 nights in Newcastle Massive game to watch Bus cost circa £70 ish What more could u ask for Anyone ?
  8. OxfordNondie


    Apparently history.
  9. OxfordNondie

    J Payne

    Coming back - thoughts
  10. OxfordNondie


    Liverpool lad
  11. OxfordNondie

    Current Player Rob Dickie

    signs Centre half 21 from Reading
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