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    +++ 14/7/18 Oxford City Vs Oxford United and Hampton & Richmond Vs Oxford United +++

    Good to see that Don the Baptiste has christened his excellent pre-season with a goal.
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    New membership scheme

    Of course that's what it is, otherwise why bother? Us lot on here don't need to be sold the product of OUFC, but the marketing stuff is necessary/vital for the club. For priority away tickets alone the £15 is surely worth it anyway.
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    Charlie & the Big Don

    I wonder who, if anyone, will sign him.
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    Summer 2018 Official Transfer Thread ****

    I'll be the first to say that there's no strikers for him to coach.
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    Tommy goes to jail

    A diagram would certainly help me understand.
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    Nothing bad that happens will be the fault of Brexit, though. Cognitive dissonance is resilient.
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    World Cup Moaning Thread

    Possibly was an Oxford fan who took the officers gun on the metro. 'Separately, another fan, Paul Johnson, of Banbury, appeared before Oxford Magistrates Court...
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    Summer 2018 Official Transfer Thread ****

    This one.
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    Summer 2018 Official Transfer Thread ****

    Every company needs a business model. The one you're advocating worked wonders for Bury, last season.
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    Hopefully the rendition of 'Charlie, Charlie, you're a c**t' lasts the full 90 mins at the SoL.
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    L1 Summer Transfers 2018

    I see talented midfielder Asa Hall has signed for Torquay. Defo the sort of player we should be signing, missed out there.
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    Summer 2018 Official Transfer Thread ****

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    Transfer targets?

    There must be something in the water today.
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    Summer 2018 Official Transfer Thread ****

    Maybe he thinks he has a source/sources, but they're just messing him about. Not that I could think of anyone in particular, off the top of my head, who would want potentially sensitive and disruptive OUFC rumours spread.
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    Procs Gone

    I work near Soho, so I'll let the abundance of 'masseuses' know there's a job opening.
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    Summer 2018 Official Transfer Thread ****

    OxBible was wrong? I don't think I'll be able to trust anybody ever again.
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    I've renewed my Season Ticket official thread

    Got a bit longer to renew now.
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    Procs Gone

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    Procs Gone

    Bad news.
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    Pavon Singha

    It'll be something along the lines of 'Panic! Rich businessman has, at some point, done business with somebody of questionable morals.'
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