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    Away Match Build Up +++ 13/07/20 L1 Play Off FINAL - OUFC v Wycombe+++

    Many years ago when the derby was oxford city v Wycombe I saw a game at the White House which city won 1-0 , the game decided by the weirdest penalty conceded, a city corner was over hit going beyond the farpost ,Wycombe defender assumed it had gone out and caught it, the linesman pointed out to...
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    Anticipation Anxiety Distraction

    At least with the radio you know that Jerome and nick are going through it as well
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    Anticipation Anxiety Distraction

    I can donate a couple of metres of fence if that helps
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    Jack Charlton

    A football icon for me, don revie turned him in to a World Cup winner and a Leeds United legend.another star of 66 that we have lost
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    Heroes send off

    David fogg used to live in the house next to the osler rd gates and ken fish lived by the bowls club
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    Away Match Build Up +++ 13/07/20 L1 Play Off FINAL - OUFC v Wycombe+++

    We must play our natural game , and ignore Wycombe as much as possible, they will relish all this M40 rubbish and how hard life is for them, just impose our ability and go for it, none of the players should need motivation for this game.promotion would be a fitting end to this season ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
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    General At a loose end tomorrow ( Fri 10 July) eve?

    I hope that the mighty yellows and the even greater yellows forum get a mentioning
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    Matches Season ticket holders going to Wembley ?

    I suppose that they could have picked him up somewhere on the A34 , avoiding all the traffic restrictions
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    Club Song

    I must admit I like a classic blast from the past,Z cars is great,
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    Matches Season ticket holders going to Wembley ?

    Be interesting to see if Ian Hudspeth manages to go as he was at the Kassam for the Pompey game , with the anti car policy of our councils he better start walking today
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    Fan's View 19/20 - Play-off semi-final second leg

    I enjoyed the radio oxford coverage, we are fortunate to have a commentary team who are clearly fans
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    Alan Flash Coleman

    RIP flash⚽️⚽️⚽️
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    Home Match Post Match +++ 06/07/20 L1 Play Off Semi Final: Leg 2 - OUFC v Pompey +++

    From what Jerome was saying rematch he should be ok, he would have to have been sent off to miss Wembley
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    Fan's View 19/20 - Play-off semi-final first leg

    I listened to the radio oxford commentary which was the usual high standard ,it was good to hear some familiar voices, although nick and Rosie were still here in Oxford, it didn’t appear to be a outstanding game , rather that it was two equally matched teams trying to work out what they should...
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    £9.99 per match?

    There is always the radio!
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    Fan's View 19/20. No.47 - Into the Unknown

    A really good read which sums it all up, can we do it ? Yes we can but being Oxford it will a edge of the seat experience ⚽️⚽️⚽️
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    Ex Player Ex Player Thread

    So over his 5 year contract he “earns” £7 million........or he earns approx in a week nearly the average yearly wage, I thought he was o.k as a footballer , I have nothing against him as a person, just sums up in some ways where the game as gone, mad wages
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    Away Match Build Up +++ 03/07/20 L1 Play Off Semi Final: Leg 1 - Pompey v OUFC+++

    Echo your thoughts on this , if ever united players performs to their best I think that we will shade it, it’s imperative that we get a draw at least on Friday
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    Matches 2020-21 ST renewals

    I have renewed mine,who knows what,where ,when I will be watching
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    Matty will do what’s best for him and his family, I don’t really think that club loyalty comes in to nowadays
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