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    General The old Valentine’s Day trick

    Anyone else using the Sunderland game on the 15th as a Valentine’s ‘present’ to their significant other (who isn’t interested in football)... wish me luck 😂
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    General Now the transfer window is closed, what’s our best team if everyone is fit?

    For me, it’s either: Eastwood Long Dickie Mousinho Ruffels Gorrin Woodburn Brannigan Henry Taylor Browne Or Eastwood Long Dickie Mousinho Ruffels Gorrin Henry Brannigan Sykes Taylor Browne Hopefully we can get everyone fit and firing soon, because both of those teams look very decent indeed...
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    Could three at the back be the answer to the injury crisis?

    We almost seemed to switch to 3 at the back for a while against Shrewsbury and it got me thinking - could it work while we have a shortage of central midfielders/general players? Say if we played something like this against MK Dons: Archer Dickie Mousinho Moore Gorrin Cadden Henry Sykes Ruffels...
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    Problems booking West Ham tickets online

    I got this email (correctly): Yet when I go to book online, it says: Anyone know why??
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    Current Player Player ratings - Coventry Home 31st August 2019

    I like a player ratings thread so thought I'll do one (Disclaimer: I've only seen three games live so far this season - Peterborough at home in the cup (1-0), Burton home (2-4) and now Coventry, so I might have a different view of some players as I missed some of the early good away...
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    General Player ratings - Burton Home 20th August 2019

    Eastwood: 6 - Made a couple of saves, couldn't really see if he could have done more with their goals, don't think so. Distribution looked quite good and his kicking was better than his opposite number Cadden: 7.5 - Probably my MOTM, he got forward well and looked full of running all night...
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    Away MDT +++ 16/07/19 PSF: Eastleigh v OUFC MTD +++

    Anyone going to this? I might pop down, do a bit of minute by minute reporting on here if anyone’s interested
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    Sunderland player ratings

    Eastwood: 6 - Kicking was pretty good, possibly should have done better for the goal, come and punched it maybe? Didn’t have a huge amount of saves to make Hanson: 5 - Gave the ball away for their goal. Looked scared of McGeady. Got better as the game went on. One great cross to set up a headed...
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    Is Appleton available?

    As far as I'mn aware he doesn't have a job at the moment... why not?
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    Portsmouth player ratings

    Mitchell - 6: He doesn’t command his box, doesn’t come off his line to claim anything. Stupid pass for the penalty. Kicking poor at times. Good save for the pen though. McMahon - 6: Good cross for the OG, but he has no pace. Battled well enough. Some set pieces were poor. Nelson - 5: He looks...
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