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    How is your town/city/village/hamlet......

    Our village folk are relatively quiet and orderly. The bugbear is that bizarrely HS2 are still working devastating our countryside. If they kept to themselves that would be ok but they don’t social distance and then pitch up in the local shops. So we get a daily influx of people into the village...
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    Local News Home delivery

    That’s the 3 weeks covered then but what’s next and by the way, do you deliver? 😉
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    Matches The League One run in

    Just seen the Rochdale game on Quest. That pitch is awful, as Rotherham found out to their cost, and it’s literally a cow field in places. Be interesting to see how Karl sets us up for the game, it definitely won’t suit our passing game which will be nay on impossible.
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    Ref Watch 29/2/2020 OUFC VSouthend utd L1 Lee Swabey

    To me that booking of Gorrin was a nonsense, from where I was sat it looked a good full bloodied challenge that was a fair one.
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    Current Player Matty Taylor

    Perhaps if MJB had offered Gorgeous George a similar “service” he’d still be playing for us today? Good to see Ryanio stepping up to take one for the team though.
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    Current Player Matty Taylor

    His hold up play is excellent as well, rarely loses the ball and brings the midfield into play well.
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    Current Player James Henry

    Good point, my son commented on Tuesday that Henry is putting in a completely different cross now he knows someone like Taylors going to be on the end of it.
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    General Radox 5 minute Forum

    Burnley very seriously looking at Dickie apparently. 🙁
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    Potential New Ground

    Lucky to have had them all these years! Cold water, no hand dryers, and no towels doesn’t make for toastie fingers in the SSL. Thats bad enough without skidding across the p**s filled floor....
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    Champions League Citeh banned and fined

    Sadly they’ll appeal through different channels and get it quashed. Money talks.
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    Home MDT Sunderland game all ticket

    Hate these all ticket games, I ended up with 2 Newcastle fans next to me. Didn’t say a word, had half & half scarves on (‘nuff said) with the Oxford bit showing as a disguise. Slight reaction when they hit the winner but apart from that nothing so nowt to get too upset about to be fair. Must...
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    Ex Player Ex Player Thread

    Robbie Hall an unused sub at FGR. Feel sorry for the lad, he desperately needs to play to try to get anyway near to be a decent player again.
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    Away MDT +++ Peterborough Utd v OUFC - match day thread +++

    I really do want to join the Long love in on here but what’s stopping me is he does that stupid pass several times a game, KR needs to knock that out of him.
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    Away MDT +++ Peterborough Utd v OUFC - match day thread +++

    I have to take issue with the Brannagan point, the guy is passionate about us and gives 100% every game. Clearly he’s not himself but we can’t knock him for a loss of form when he’s been so consistent.
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    General Jan transfer window

    And I think he had a release clause so won’t be anywhere near £7m!
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    General Transfer Deadline Day - 31st Jan 2020

    Jordan Graham could be on the move to Gillingham. Seems like he’s had another disappointing season again.
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    General Jan transfer window

    “One more thing, I'm as gutted as anyone to see these players leave. But some on here are acting like it's the end of the world. Do you think Henry, Brannagan, Thorne, Woodburn, Kelly, Gorrin, Browne are going to wake up tomorrow and forget how to play football? KR has assembled the best squad...
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    General Radox 5 minute Forum

    What times it on please?
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    General Jan transfer window

    So does everyone really want to replace a non-scoring Mackie with a non-scoring Grigg. I don’t get the clamour on here.
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    Home MDT Newcastle Replay Tickets............

    Have you tried clicking on the ticket to add to basket and see if Assign button comes up? Is he ST or a member?
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