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    Home MDT +++ 18/02/20 OUFC v AFC Wimbledon +++

    Suspect it will be Taylor or Henry but they won't want to give Wimbledon any clues until the team is announced at 7pm
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    Home MDT +++ 14/1/2020 OUFC V Ipswich Town L1 +++

    i Your right. He did a job on us in that FA cup match against Blackburn after the Eurphoria of the Swansea game. Really get behind the boys tomorrow night. It's a huge match. COYY!!
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    +++ FACup 3rd Round 4/1/2020 OUFC V Hartlepool Utd +++

    Possibly Luton to beat Bournemouth and Carlisle to get a result at Cardiff. We should be ok
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    Home MDT +++ 21/12/19 OUFC v Wycombe Wanderers +++

    Cadden is irreplaceable but time will tell
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    Away MDT +++ 4/12/2019 Exeter City V OUFC EFL trophy +++

    I love Beano but I knew we'd be on 'like I say' count tonight via radio Oxford
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    Gavin Whyte

    In today's market Whyte is easily worth 4m+. It is also important to note we have the European Championships next summer and should Northern Ireland qualify his value could rocket being in the shop window on that kind of stage. I hope the board hold their nerve and allow Robinson to have him...
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    Wilder - Keep the Hammer down! Definitely much more potential to develop as a ST compared to someone like Sinclair. Loads of raw talent! I thought of Browne when KR mentioned the call about things changing. Either way the wait for some new acquisitions at OUFC isvery painful!
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    Haven't we been here before??? It feels like Groundhog Day to me and that's coming from someone who always tries to remain positive. The exact same thing happened over in Ireland last year, Robinson was getting frustrated because deals weren't getting over the line and met with Tiger to discuss...
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    Chairman Death of Robin Herd

    Very sad news indeed! My Dad did a BT call out at his house once and he told him his son had sold his tickets to see Simply Red because he wanted to go and see Oxford play Milwall. I think Bobby Ford scored a late goal straight from a corner and we drew 3-3. Robin kindly singed a card to give...
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    Do we know why Clotet got the sack?

    Anyone who understands football could see the players weren't playing for him against Wigan.
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    Erick and the Election

    I was slightly annoyed Jerome didn't ask the question again to confirm and hence why I listened again. He did say all board members were attending the meeting. It was very disappointing this wasn't clarified at the beginning and a perfect example of why some fans get so frustrated with...
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    Erick and the Election

    He will be at the game on Saturday
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    Current Player Obika & hall return

    Obika is a nice bloke but not good enough. Rob Hall is championship quality player on his day and he will hopefully be offered a pay/ play contract.
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    Callum O'Dowda - Leeds interest

    I've been told we haven't even got a sell on clause with Roofe which would be a horrendous decision. Can anyone confirm with both these players please?
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    Barrie Carlisle

    A lovely man! I wasn't aware of this sad news and I looked out for him on the coaches on Saturday. God bless
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    Wycombe tickets

    As per my previous message above if anyone has a spare ticket please let me know? I will make it worth your while because I'm not keen on the home end
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    Wycombe tickets

    Please message me if you have a spare ticket. Cheers
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