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    Home MDT Newcastle Replay Tickets............

    We drew one all but lost on penalties in league cup
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    Potential New Ground

    A Stadium close to the ring road and motorway access....Pear tree was the ideal site 30 years ago and probably still is but without support from the various councils we'll never move from Grenoble Road. Maybe a win win would be a multi purpose site, including Stadium plus move the Ice rink from...
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    General Jan transfer window

    Josh Barrett fits the brief...not playing currently at Reading so needs game time and I think would do great for us
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    Transfer News Jordan Archer

    There’s no hiding place for any keeper, a mistake by them is almost always costly so best to judge on all round performances and this lad has been a very able and accomplished ‘interim’. I’d hope we could persuade him to stay as he’d push our keepers to improve
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    General Jan transfer window

    that would be a great signing
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    Stewart Donald anyone.....

    They were one of, if not the first to vote for Brexit...maybe Charlie thought he'd fit right in and also with the likes of Rees Mogg, Raab, Patel Cleverly et al
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    Current Player Josh Ruffels double century

    been a reliable and versatile player's to another 200-300 performances for the yellows!
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    Current Player The strange case of James Henry

    Trevor Hebberd should have been awarded an international cap but of course overlooked playing for Oxford’ it was all Liverpool and Arsenal in the 80s
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    did he manage to get some of Simon Eastwoods furniture?
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    have they actually signed Cadden? Either way lets draw a line under it and move on
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    good point...lets hope it works out
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    Absolutely don't want players who are straight away looking for the next move...Johnson has wasted his talent sitting on benches and I wonder if Cadden would take the same route to 'success'
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    What's Marvin Johnson up to these days?
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    I always thought Jordan Graham was a model professional. his communication to fans and on social media was always positive and I think he enjoyed playing for us
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    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    couple of Birmingham scouts at last nights match
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    Bradford (A)

    thanks for the info.
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    What if: Re-developed the Manor

    Does anybody know what was the original west stand design like? Was it a mirror of the east stand and would it have been the 'home end'?
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    Home MDT Coventry game on Sky

    start of the Ox Mail youth league so noon ko on sunday is just fantastic! Leagues of U11-U16s, many of which are oufc supporters now losing out on watching the game
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    Transfer targets?

    Would local lad Josh Barrett make a decent acquisition? Noted with lots of potential at Reading and on currently on loan at Coventry. Gets forward and creative player
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    I've renewed my Season Ticket official thread

    cry havoc and let slip the dogs of that all right or does it need some correction ;-)
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