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  1. ScottishYellow

    Home MDT +++ FAC 4th Replay - OUFC v Newcastle United MDT +++

    To think he nearly went out on loan. MOTM for me.
  2. ScottishYellow

    General Jan transfer window

  3. ScottishYellow

    General Jan transfer window

    Five hours left. Time for the club to get their s**t together and sign someone!
  4. ScottishYellow

    Sport Child’s Tops Sizes

    To all of you who’s children have replica tops. How accurate is the sizing? Wee man wants a top after yesterday and who am I to say no?
  5. ScottishYellow

    Simon Eastwood

    Apart from one goal kick that went all the way to his opposition counterpart he was excellent.
  6. ScottishYellow

    +++ 25/01/20 Newcastle United v OUFC FAC +++

    Been home for an hour now and loved the day. I wasn’t surprised about our singing, second to none. I was surprised the lack of crowd noise from our hosts, apart from the two offside efforts. The stewards were brilliant, they managed to find some seats for my son and I rather than the row x ones...
  7. ScottishYellow

    Newcastle Utd (FA Cup)

    I’m travelling down from Edinburgh with my 6 year old son for his first game, bringing along my mate and his son as well. Only problem is we’ve been allocated seats in row X, how allocated is allocated at away days? It doesn’t bother me when I’m on my own and sit at the seat I’m given. If we...
  8. ScottishYellow

    Newcastle Utd (FA Cup)

    What’s it like for blue badge parking around the ground ?
  9. ScottishYellow

    EFL Beating teams from 6 different leagues

    Don’t forget Norwich u21’s. That would be 7 leagues.
  10. ScottishYellow

    FAC 5th round date

    That’s weird. I wonder why.
  11. ScottishYellow

    Transfer News Jordan Archer

    Villa recalled Matija Sarkic from Livi, did really well in the SPL.
  12. ScottishYellow

    Transfer News Jordan Archer

    Any ideas where he’s off to?
  13. ScottishYellow

    General Jan transfer window

    That’s a lot of dosh if true.
  14. ScottishYellow

    General Academy update nov 2019

    Would being cat 2 give us more protection from prem teams nicking out youngsters for nothing?
  15. ScottishYellow

    Merry Christmas

    Cheers Everyone, Merry Christmas and a happy 3 points.
  16. ScottishYellow

    FA Cup 3rd Round Draw

    Fourth round then.
  17. ScottishYellow

    Away MDT +++ 12/11/2019 Crawley Town V OUFC football league trophy +++

    I’m a Manly fan and we will always play at Brookvale, I hate that it’s called Lottand.
  18. ScottishYellow

    Home MDT +++ 12/10/2019 L1 OUFC v Doncaster Rovers +++

    Where did you find that info.
  19. ScottishYellow

    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    Like a wheel
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