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  1. Jason N

    Away MDT +++ Peterborough Utd v OUFC - match day thread +++

    What time do the coaches leave? Ta x
  2. Jason N

    Current Player Sykes

    ... and Goodhram?
  3. Jason N

    Current Player Liam Kelly .

    Indeed, the only way is to play Sykes on the right of the front three, Gorrin holding with Brannagan and Kelly in front of him. Edit: Add Henry and Thorne to the conundrum.. and that is just the midfield!
  4. Jason N

    Current Player Rob Dickie & Elliott Moore

    Moore gets better with every game. Very useful in defending and attacking set pieces.
  5. Jason N

    Current Player Mackie

    I don't see why we can't rotate Taylor, Browne and Agyei as our central striker now. Use Mackie as backup. I'd love to see Agyei get a run in the team, either as centre forward or on the right of the front three. (although there is no way Sykes should be dropped, at least he can play midfield...
  6. Jason N

    Current Player Liam Kelly .

    If Brannagan is still struggling we could do a lot worse that giving Kelly a run of games, looks like a similar player. I hope he starts on Saturday to get him up to speed quicker, I'd rather not risk playing Brannagan, give Cam time to recover fully from his niggling knee injury. Special...
  7. Jason N

    League One Scott Kashket (Wycombe)

    Haha, he was their best player against us!!
  8. Jason N

    General Jan transfer window

    Unfortunately Mackie no longer really has much of a positive impact on the pitch. He barely won the ball at all yesterday, was continuously caught offside and on the occasion he was in a decent position in the box, he fluffed his shot/pass. Hopefully Taylor will be starting more, give Agyei...
  9. Jason N

    Home MDT +++ 11/1/2020 OUFC V Rotherham United L1 +++ Just saying.... :)
  10. Jason N

    Match Buildup Team for Rovverham

    Edit: rested not tested
  11. Jason N

    Match Buildup Team for Rovverham

    I think it would be unfair on any of the players to be dropped as they have done brilliantly. Even if tired I'm not sure that Fosu would appreciate immediately being tested. Gradually bring the new players in as needed. Have Holland, Browne and Kelly on the bench and bring them on earlier...
  12. Jason N

    Fa Cup Fourth Round draw

    I'm so glad it has not been picked for TV as I can now definitely go. I reckon we'll easily take 4000, if Newcastle get through.
  13. Jason N

    General Jan transfer window

    That is why Browne is such a good signing, been here not too long ago, big mates with Brannagan, easily fit back in. Kelly big mates with Dickie, and knows Fosu and Baptiste. Holland knows Browne also, so will hopefully help him settle in.
  14. Jason N

    General Jan transfer window

    Chuffed to bits with Browne returning, he had quite a few injury niggles, but when he had a few consecutive games in a row you could see what real talent he had. I am struggling to see how we fit all these players in now. Surely Robbie Hall will moving on now!.
  15. Jason N

    General Jan transfer window

    Looks to have good pace!! Something we lack at Centre Back.
  16. Jason N

    Transfer News Nathan Holland

    From the description of that goal, Holland sounds very Roofesque! [emoji3]
  17. Jason N

    +++ FACup 3rd Round 4/1/2020 OUFC V Hartlepool Utd +++

    We're lucky that COD's dad isn't Shandon's agent, he'd have some show reel. He made COD look like a world beater. Shandon is a far far better player, an excellent all round midfielder, becoming a major influence on the team. If we got 1.5 Million for Callum, we should get £6 Million for Shandon.
  18. Jason N

    Transfer News Jordan Archer

    Thanks Jordan, you did a great job in filling a position almost impossible to fill. Good Luck to you in the future.
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