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    Give 'Faz' the job now.. He's a genius, ''The Plymouth match is 'almost' a must win''!!!o_O
  2. mcf86

    Good news...

    The Flags are back! ;)
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    Clock's ticking...
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    Ronaldo wants to buy English club Ronaldo - the Brazilian one, not the Portuguese - has revealed he is thinking about buying a "second division" team in England or Spain in order to gain experience running a football club. The legendary striker has been tipped for the role of football...
  5. mcf86

    Do you have a budgie?

    I don't, used to have a cockatiel though, called him Tommy. Recently adopted a rescue dog, Staffy cross, possibly with a Boxer, around 5 yr old, Settling in really well, good temperament and social with others of his species! Has the squits atm, took him to the vet, who squeezed his stomach and...
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    Liverpool v Man City.

    Listening on five live, sounds an excellent game, Reds jus gone 3-1 up - Mane' City's unbeaten status looks in peril.
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    Liverpool Council to give Everton a loan for new stadium.. Sounds a tad complicated, par for the course I suppose, but if they can loan best part of £300M (!) to the Toffees, why can't OCC loan oufc say, £20M? And, shouldn't Everton -being a...
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    Brighton v Crystal Palace FAC 3rd Round.

    Should be a keenly fought encounter, and a good atmosphere, suits me on a chilly dark Monday early January -thanks to BT! Arch-rivals Brighton & Hove Albion and Crystal Palace clash for a place in the FA Cup fourth round on Monday night and the fixture will go down in history. The match is the...
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    A West ham 'fan**' verbally abused WBA's Jake Livermore over the death of his (Livermore) son at the London Stadium on Tuesday. There's sick, and then there's this new level of sick, and it brings shame on WHU and their fans. I hope the perpetrator is identified and banned from football, for...
  10. mcf86

    Dam you supermarkets..

    'Luxury' Mince pies reduced from £2.50 to 50P - At Asda, rude not to! Frigging ell, one New year resolution already hit the buffers!! :rolleyes: And, there were quite a number of people buying discounted Christmas decorations! No me I might add..
  11. mcf86

    Home MDT +++ 23/12/2017 OUFC v Wigan Athletic match day thread +++

    Looking forward to this one, and hoping for a good match and result! Going with my son and three grand children as Christmas is one of the rare times we are able- it's a special occasion. They have to be firm favourites, but, if we are on form then we have a good chance of taking the points...
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    Name the ring tone. :eek:
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    Ok so there's a game at Rochdale to play first, but, who's attending the Wigan match on the 23rd? I'd have thought that they will bring their full quota given their lofty position in the table, but the home support for this match is less predictable, what with it being so near to Christmas...
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    How do we change them? :unsure:
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