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    Transfer News 2022/23 Season Incoming Transfers

    Oh good, we need someone to do the Winnall role now he’s gone.
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    Current Player Mark Sykes shouldn’t play for us again

    Think it was West Ham but not 100% sure, from memory he came off the bench and was pretty much unplayable.
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    Transfer News 2022/23 Season Incoming Transfers

    You could have got away with “colleague” or “neighbour” there but friend? Surely not! 🤣
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    What have you been watching lately? (no spoilers)

    Das Boot on Sky Atlantic. Series 3 just released, previous 2 series were excellent. Good story line, suspense by the bucket load.
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    International News Eurovision

    Bloody French giving us 12 points? Can’t even rely on them to hold a grudge anymore.
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    Transfer News 2022/23 Season Incoming Transfers

    Sam can’t have gone for long then, he’s opening the new MUGA centre in our village rec tomorrow afternoon.
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    League One Sunderland Wembley tickets.........

    You haven’t stated if you you want it in Nairas and Kobos or do you take Stirling?
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    General Rebekah Vardy - the gift that keeps giving

    She used to go out with our centre half (name escapes me) I think? She upgraded to Vardy I believe in some night club shenanigans from memory.
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    League One League 1 playoffs 2021-22

    All a bit West Life for my liking.
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    Ex Player Sam Winnall

    He’s not allowed to, not sure I want my brother to poke me about either (but then again he is a plasterer).
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    League One League 1 playoffs 2021-22

    All those stripes, feel a migraine coming on.
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    General Wordle......

    Mike, It was always my go to word until my daughter rumbled it so today was the first time I used it for about 3 weeks so even luckier!
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    General Wordle......

    No cheating, pure fluke! Wordle 319 1/6 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
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    International News Russia invasion of Ukraine

    Please God tell me this is a wind up and John Terry isn’t a cnut after all?
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    General Consortium Takeover - News and Rumours

    Haven’t heard of Finlayson & Laksmana, the others I know about. Has anyone got a view of these two?
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