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    Stewart Donald anyone.....

    I thought I read that SD said he wouldn’t but OUFC because the stadium situation makes it unviable? I would love to see him back in his spiritual home but he has to much financial acumen I suspect to see it happen. I’m also very interested to watch the 2nd season of the Sunderland documentary...
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    Winding-up petition number 5 - Here we go again!!!

    I still believe FK would feel very unhappy if OUFC renewed the contract on the ground. It would put his last chance to squeeze a little more blood out of his OUFC dealings right down the toilet
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    Chairman Winding up order served by Kassam

    I don’t understand how tiger can afford to buy players, finance an improved youth system and under 23 squad and a new training ground. Then not have the money readily available for HRMC and now FK. He must realise that these expenditures are at risk when he misses these payments?
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    Chairman Winding up order served by Kassam

    The fact is F K does not want the club in a position to sign an extension to the present lease. He wants one last big pay day from his ‘gamble’ when he bought the club. If tiger or someone else does renew the contract then he not only has to respect this contract which he cannot get out off...
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    Updates 6/1/19

    Firstly thanks for the minutes and I hope that the committee also had a lovely time with family at Xmas and a peaceful and productive new year. I hope that this puts to bed for the sane Oxford fans any perceived Oxvox concerns. The arrogance of some people who seem to think that volunteers...
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    OxVox meeting Live

    I read these threads and feel completely confused by a lack of historical knowledge and the expectation of people who are not fans but business people. We are where we are thanks to two people. An idiot called Nick Merry who got outplayed by a cold hearted business man called Firoz Kassam who...
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    Chairman update from tiger

    What do people want to know about the HRMC winding up petition which will make our lives as fans better and that a private company would be willing to divulge? I personally would be happy to hear it has been resolved and that will do. At the same time it’s the positive version of events I...
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    Injury List

    Don’t forget that he doesn’t trust shearer in goal and Stevens, well I don’t know what his next trick is in his attempt to ruin his confidence. So they may as well be on the injured list.
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    Home game +++ 2/10/18 OUFC v Luton Town +++

    I don’t get it. In defence you need consistency yet KR treats it like a revolving door. If your attack is struggling you play with it but Obika has been a constant... Baptiste needed to come off, it was obvious to everyone but KR just watches. I thought KR was a great signing but maybe the...
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    Home game +++ 2/10/18 OUFC v Luton Town +++

    The referee is a very bad man if he stops you enjoying one of life’s pleasures
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    +++ 25/9/18 OUFC v Manchester City Match day thread+++

    Obika is a local youth product according to Keown. Great knowledge from the local lad.
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    Fans Forum

    How is the litigation against the service charges and what we get for our money from FK initiated by DE coming along? I think this could be key about where we play our football in the future. At present FK appears to hold all the cards but he must also dread OUFC taking up the future 25 year...
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    Considering moving to Non League ground

    I’m sorry but to say that FK is easy to work with is easy to say when you are no obstacle to him squeezing even more money out of a situation. FK led Oxvox up a long winding path which for a period of time gave him some positive press. He never had and never will sell the ground if he can see a...
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    Boreham Wood 1-0 Chesterfield

    It sadly highlights how all clubs are financially gambling not just with promotion but even just keeping your head above water. It makes me laugh in a sad way when fans moan about tigers or Eales not digging into their pockets to push Oxford on whilst forgetting how close we have come to...
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    Disappointing Service

    The clue is in the name when you buy a season ticket you are buying a ticket for a season worth of games. If I buy sun cream midway through the summer I would not expect Boots to sell it me for half the price. I’ve always assumed that season tickets give clubs collateral which they can use...
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