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    General You're being monitored. OK with that?

    I am OK with this
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    +++ 18/12/2019 OUFC v Manchester City +++

    Pluck and spirit 1 Loadsamoney 3
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    Manager/Coach Jim Smith RIP

    Mine too!!
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    Andy James aka Womble.

    Did not know him that well, but certainly a stand out character seen and heard at away matches. Loved all the badges. RIP
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    Home MDT +++06/10/2019 OUFC V Portsmouth trophy +++

    They may be kids, but they pretty good at pens. At least we've no new injuries so that's something! Eastleigh won tonight, just one point off the playoff's now.
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    Home MDT +++ 28/9/2019 L1 OUFC v Gillingham +++

    That back four made me smile for some juvenile reason.
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    Away MDT +++ 17/09/19 L1: Bolton Wanderers v OUFC +++

    Just glad we didn't lose
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    XI For Tranmere..

    Hanson won't be on the team sheet.
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    Away MDT +++ Fleetwood Town v OUFC Match Day Thread +++

    Good to have Wimbledon, Southend and Bolton in L1
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    Away MDT +++ Fleetwood Town v OUFC Match Day Thread +++

    No surprise there, the way they started
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    Current Player Sykes being loaned out!!!!

    Agree, he seemed to be off his game at the Eastleigh PSF. But then so did all the youngsters.
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    Home MDT +++ 20/08/2019 L1: OUFC vs Burton Albion+++

    This was not in the script
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    Would certainly never condone such behaviour, but it is interesting how things have changed over the years. I remember in the 80s getting coins thrown our way, which was quite common. Also remember seeing a lit cigarette being flicked in the LR (right side) and it landed in someone's coat...
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