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    Home Match Build Up +++ 06/07/20 L1 Play Off Semi Final: Leg 2 - OUFC v Pompey +++

    I think the main selection issue - with potential of 120 mins ahead, do you start with strongest xi or finish with strongest xi - since if Browne, Taylor can only manage 60 mins - you don’t want to go into last half hour needing a goal without them on the pitch. Equally is it defeatist to not...
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    Away Match Post Match +++ 03/07/20 L1 Play Off Semi Final: Leg 1 - Pompey v OUFC+++

    If I was the Portsmouth manager that is what I would be looking to do, Williams down one side and Curtis the other could cause problems. Hopefully we can get on the ball more and push them back - since may leave them more exposed defensively.
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    Away Match Post Match +++ 03/07/20 L1 Play Off Semi Final: Leg 1 - Pompey v OUFC+++

    yep agree - feels like we got away with one, hopefully we can step it up for the second leg - since can’t see us getting away with it a second time.
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    Getting the crowds back in

    Could we use the fence end in some way as an additional entrance/exit in anyway? Also the big open corners. The stadiums biggest design floors could be a big strength in terms of social distance entrance/exit.
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    Friendly on Saturday?

    Genuinely think they may be the only options, with Wycombe being an obvious one from a logistics viewpoint.
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    Friendly on Saturday?

    As I said earlier in the thread I can’t see that the club have many options - there are literally no teams available to play. All championship have packed schedules as do Prem, and no other clubs are back playing. I guess a prem under 23’s but don’t know if they are Playing’s a tough...
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    2 Oxford Players Test Positive

    The article says the past week, so think the 4 in league one include our two last week.
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    International News Black Lives Matter

    You just posted what’s on Facebook - without question or checking. Therefore helping to spread further mis-information which is designed (not by you) to create further tensions. There-in lies the problem if people just re-post regardless of truth or fact and just believe it/take it at face value...
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    EFL 2 Pompey players test positive

    We are going to face the problem of no-one to play after the coming weekend. Since all premier league sides will be back playing and championship the week after so assume they won’t want to play after the coming weekend and no one else is playing - so could be struggling for warm up opponents.
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    Play off dates

    Curry’s have a sky sports now tv week pass for £10 - so would be able to watch both playoff games for £10
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    International News Black Lives Matter

    Hi bazzer - I heard interview this morning and you are correct he did say ‘and only’ though I think he did correct himself immediately afterwards repeating third of black players and dropping the “and only” that’s how I interpreted it, since would be strange to say only in that context. Though...
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    International News Black Lives Matter

    why is sterling greedy? For getting paid what a club is prepared to pay him and what his market worth is (on that basis all premier league footballers are greedy) equally what has he done to be self centred? it would be self centred to stay quiet and do nothing because it would give him an...
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    EFL - The Covid-19 decision

    to be fair that is why the EFL have done it that way (I don’t agree with it) but they have taken view that PPG is based on what he actually happened where as WPPG is an element of predicting future. As I say I don’t agree but it is why EFL have gone that way.
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    How to complete the season

    Here is what the table would look like from author of the athletic article
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    Also believe Italy has twice the capacity of icu beds compared to us 😢. Don’t understand why we didn’t shut down 2 weeks ago - the evidence was there from China and Italy on what action was needed. Instead our government decided Cheltenham with 200,000 people attending was a good idea. 🤦‍♂️
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