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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    Norwood is from Sussex.
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    Sport RIP Peter Bonetti

    RIP Peter Bonetti (aka The Cat). Remember the Peter Bonetti gloves? Very thin green cotton.
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    General So what's your other team?

    Brora Rangers.
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    Transfer News Jordan Archer

    For a minute there I thought we were getting a 90mph fast bowler! ;)
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    FA Cup 1st round draw

    Hahaha. I know. It's a horrible place to try and get past these days. Too many roundabouts!
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    FA Cup 1st round draw

    Lewes for me too. I went with my dad who turned to me in the 2nd half and said "the last time I came here I was watching you playing against Lewes". That brought it home to me! 😏
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    FA Cup 1st round draw

    Its pushing it to say Chichester is by the seaside.
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    New Kit 2019/20

    In case you were wondering who was 12th-24th
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    League 1 - Bolton, Bury & Coventry

    The integrity of Div 1 has been compromised. Bolton are now deciding when they want to play. The teams that have already played them (Coventry aside) have benefited. Those who play them after they strengthen will be disadvantaged. At least everyone playing Bury will be on a level playing field...
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    League 1 - Bolton, Bury & Coventry

    This saga is starting to compromise the League. I can see a scenario where this goes on past the Transfer window. The EFL will then give both teams dispensation to sign who they like. You can then imagine players who were holding out for better deals but not finding a club queuing up to join...
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    New Kit 2019/20 Well someone likes our new kit.
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    Ex Player Ex Player Thread

    Lee Bradbury now manager at Eastbourne.
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