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    Potential New Ground

    Oxford City had a ground near the city centre and that hardly brought them big crowds and success on the pitch. I must have been to 95% of all the home matches at the Kasstad, I live in Abingdon and never leave before the end. I am usually home by 17:35 - 17:40 on a Saturday and 22:00 to 22:10...
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    General Mic'd up

    It was a good programme. The training facility looked brilliant, a worthwhile investment.
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    League Two Macclesfield

    Looks like they are going to take your advice.
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    Ex Player Ex Player Thread

    Red card for marvellous Marvin. Tackling never his strong point.
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    General VAR - time to scrap it?

    Apparently the hand ball rule for the attacking side is only applied if a goal is scored so it doesn't apply if the move leads to a penalty. Jut more nonsense really. If VAR is this bad in the Premier, can you imagine what it would be like if we had it in League one?
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    EPL Man U v Arsenal

    It was great to see a local lad, Matty Longstaff, score and the brilliant interview along with his brother, afterwards.
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    Matches Home Support Attendance.

    It's not a design fault as the original design was for a two tiered east stand. It has just not been finished.
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    League 1 - Bolton, Bury & Coventry

    Only one club will be relegated from league two.
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    Ex Player Ex Player Thread

    Times reporting that, allegedly, Gary Monk inflated Marvin Johnson's worth to gain more money for his agent. I don't think Marvin thought himself overpriced.
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    Cardiff 1 - Oxford 3 1994 (THAT Moody goal)

    I seem to remember that in the return, at the Manor, Cardiff were intent on getting Moody sent off and kept fouling him until he retaliated and was dismissed.
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    Considering two other great series , Lost and Battlestar Galactica, had very contrived and convoluted endings, I thought the GoT ending was pretty coherent. It probably peaked in series six as most people seem to say. Personally I’d put it above the Wire but below West Wing. As for Breaking Bad...
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    It was as cold as I've known in the SSU. As the Bobster once , almost, said 'Jeez I can't feel my knees'.
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    We should

    If we'd kept Lee Steele maybe we could have avoided that whole Conference debacle.
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