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    Training ground

    Heard from who tell us, as all we seem to get heard from but never a name .
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    Chairman tiger on HMRC -OM report

    But we have no property!!!
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    Latest update

    Don't get me wrong they give us a story how do we know that they are telling the truth. i would like to think they wouldn't lie to us BUT !!!!
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    Latest update

    What can oxvox do the simple answer is nothing none of us like what is going on none more than me,yes we can ask question till the cows come home but if they won't answer they won't ..Can't see a long line of new buyers . Ps Am a member of oxvox
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    Brexit - the Deal or No Deal poll

    Also remember when they keep on of the problems at Dover 90% of lorries crossing channel aren't British so who's got the problem the French i think. Macron (spelling) when asked would he give the French a referendum he said no as he thinks they would vote out. what does that tell you about the EU.
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    Home game +++ 15/12/2018 OUFC v Blackpool Matchday Thread +++

    Hi radicalox only lighted banter. coyy
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    Home game +++ 15/12/2018 OUFC v Blackpool Matchday Thread +++

    Isn't that why we have goalkeepers?????
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    To far out ? 25 miles to the Kas Stad for me, sometimes i just wonder about people , been doing this for more than 50 years.
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    I don't like what's going on really really don't like it but this we MUST be told ,why should they tell us it's there business not ours .Its my choice to support OUFC which i have done for 50 plus years i buy my ST every year in the hope of a good season. We have no right to know anything...
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    Not sure about that myles as its in arbitration.
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    We are not entitled to know anything we would like to but entitled no. myles we are just pawns in this game.
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    Chairman update from tiger

    Well when i had a company i would would not tell anyone my plans not even my best customer, just remember that's all we are customers.Don't like it but that's the way it is.
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    Considering moving to Non League ground

    Could be a very very long waite. No news is usually good news but this is OUFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Nile Ranger

    Is he getting paid ?. He asked to come an train why would we pay him. PS i don't want him here full stop.
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    Ricky Holmes

    In business you never assume anything, assumption big word for haven't a clue.
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