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    Flag collection

    ‪We will be at the stadium on Monday evening with all flags ready for collection from the play offs. ‬ ‪We’ll be at the same entrance as the club staff giving our fan faces from 5-7. Any flags remaining will be locked back in the stadium until next season #oufc ‬
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    Wembley flags

    We will be hanging flags at Wembley this weekend to add a bit of colour where we can for @OUFCOfficial If you’d like to drop your flag off, we’ll do our best to lay it out for the players, space dependant. We’ll be positioned in the “Ox Car Park” at the Kassam tomorrow 11am-1pm Please ensure...
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    ‪A reminder that you can collect your flags from the ground today at 11-2. ‬ ‪However, we are doing our best to get them into Wembley so if you want to leave them with us for the time being we’ll do all we can. ‬ ‪If we can’t get them moved, we’ll be in touch about collection #oufc ‬
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    To anyone who has a flag in THAT stadium, leave it with us. We will do our very best to get them to WEMBLEY!!!!!!! If we can’t, we’ll deal with returns later. #oufc
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    Fly the Flag

    Yes, we’ll have some of the larger flags out too
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    Fly the Flag There are some slight changes to our drop of procedures for your flags on Saturday. We will now be positioned at the club shop next to the ground. Please see the above article for more info. Thank you. @OUFCOfficial @OxfordMailOUFC #oufc 💛💙
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    Fly the Flag

    Want to fly the flag for The U’s in the playoffs? Here’s how you can help: We will also be at the stadium on Tuesday from 11-2 to redistribute flags to their owners. 💛💙
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    Have your say

    Always wanted to help a team talk, or do you just want to say one last thing to the players and staff before the season starts again? Now is your chance..... @OUFCOfficial @OxfordMailOUFC #oufc 💛💙
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    Members update

    Now available for all fans here:
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    Members update

    ‪Our members should this evening be in receipt of an update from the committee via email. ‬ ‪We hope everyone is staying safe and coping well. Make sure you keep checking on those around you. You don’t realise how much value there is in a simple call/text. ‬ ‪#oufc 💛💙‬
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    Update for Members

    Should now be with you via email. please check all inboxes as they can go to spam etc.
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    Hartlepool and remembering those we’ve lost

    This Saturday we’ll pay our respects to those @OUFCOfficial who we’ve lost within the past 12 months. That said, we’d like all fans to also pay respect to the legend of John Shuker by raising the roof of the Kassam with a minutes applause and song for the 77th minute. thanks
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    Wycombe and Jim Smith Flag

    Via PayPal. Details at the top of the thread. If you don’t have paypal, we can arrange payment via private message
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    Wycombe and Jim Smith Flag

    Thanks to all fans again for the week we’ve had. Tiger dropped us a line to ask us to say thanks, because of the impact you all had on Wednesday: "Amazing Wednesday night” I was impressed with how our supporters decorated The East stand, it looked amazing! The loud noise that was created from...
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    Wycombe and Jim Smith Flag

    They have never gone away. As far as we’re aware, this is a one off gesture to pay respects to Jim.
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