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    What have you been listening to lately?

    Been listening to a lot of Sam Fender at the moment as seeing him in London at the weekend. New Track from Metal band Bury Tomorrow - Death (even colder) is brilliant. Also been listening to a country artists called Cody Jinks. Proper belting voice if you're into country music.
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    Home Match Day Thread 19/03/2022 L1: OUFC Ipswich Town

    For those coming from Witney area its taken us 35 mins to get from Eynsham to city motors roundabout. Also now a broken down lorry at the traffic lights..
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    International News Russia invasion of Ukraine

    Plus that means we get to watch haaland!
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    Another Member of the Family Gone RIP Dad

    Condolences to your and your family at this sad time sir.
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    Tickets Charlton Ticket Trouble

    Afternoon everyone, sorry to interrupt your constant clicking of the refresh button but i am looking for some help. I am trying to purchase some Charlton tickets and i keep getting an error message saying: There are errors on this page: Unfortunately, the items you have selected do not have a...
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    Home Match Day Thread 28/09/2021 L1: OUFC v Accrington Stanley

    Considering the weather, evening kick off, fuel shortages, I don't think it was a bad crowd.
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    Home Match Day Thread 25/9/2021 L1: OUFC v Gillingham

    I admire your posts as much as any other poster on this forum but the manager nor the team let the fans down today. The team did as much as possible to win the game and on another day we would have won by 3 or 4 goals. It was the fans job to create the atmosphere today and it was abysmal. Not...
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    Away Match Day Thread 24/8/21 Carabao Cup: QPR v OUFC

    I think we all know Gavin Whyte's celebration will be tonight if he scores..
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    Tickets Bolton Tickets

    So much for respecting over peoples views eh....
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    General First ever match at KasStad

    Jamie Brooks was the only shining light of that season. Was a joy to watch him play and see some of the goals he scored. Such a sad sad story for him.
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    England v Italy EURO 2020 Cup Final

    In fairness i agree with a lot of what you're saying. The penalty debate is hard from outsiders to grasp. For all we know sterling may have said 'sorry boss, but I have been inconsistent with penalties this season i don't want to take one'. If that's the case that takes some bottle too. You...
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    England v Italy EURO 2020 Cup Final

    I think we could have atleast tried to throw a few counter attacks, but when we did have the ball we were content with keeping it and then ultimately losing it. Dont think at point second half did we break through and worry Italy.
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    England v Italy EURO 2020 Cup Final

    I think he was on a hiding to nothing so went for what we are good at. If he had gone attacking and Italy picked us off on the counter attack he would have been criticised for not sticking with what got us to the final which was being solid. Its all 'what ifs' at this point. If we had won...
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    England v Italy EURO 2020 Cup Final

    We were dominated for 45 minutes. We absolutely controlled the first 45 mins bar a spell for 5 mins at the end of the half. Italy managed a grand total of one shot off target in the first half. They barely looked interested in attacking us extra time and were more than happy for penalties. Like...
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    England v Italy EURO 2020 Cup Final

    As much as I like to hear someone's opinions on the manager and how different they would have done things its hard to take it serious when the said persons previous post was to play a kid not even fit enough to train or make the match day team. The other thing aren't Italy supposed to their...
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