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    General Expectations

    Top 10, anything else is a bonus, there, expectation managed ;)
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    General Consortium Takeover - News and Rumours

    Yeah, its all gone a bit silly:sleep:
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    Transfer News Transfer Window Summer 21

    Can he play left back:giggle:
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    Potential New Ground

    I've been looking at the suggested plan, spot on inside with the seating and potential safe standing, the thing with it is the roofs of the stands make it look awful, I used to love the floodlight pylons at the manor, perhaps this design could incorporate something along the lines of the Bolton...
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    Current Player POTM December

    Sam long
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    Getting the crowds back in

    It would be comparatively easy to make the North stand ready to accept up to 2k fans, gated fences both ends, one way in the other the exit (Burger van in the middle:D) simple(y)
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    Home Match Day Thread 17/11/2020 L1 OUFC v Crewe Alexandra

    That was painfull to watch, not anywhere near good enough.
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    iFollow for 2020-21Season

    No, then again I didn't get the Sunderland one until I asked for it !!
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    I see Sunderland have signed another striker, Aiden O`Brien from millwall. Will Grigg anyone ?;)
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    Potential New Ground

    I heard it was senor garibaldi, a lifelong fan.?
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    Matches 2020-21 ST renewals

    Did mine today
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    Manager/Coach Robbo charged by the FA

    I wonder if the Ref will be charged with not having a clue about the rules of the game ?, totally inept.:mad:
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    Injured players

    Funny that, it always happens around contract renewal time,
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    Important Petition

    Done, Up to 58,000 signatures :D(y)now !
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    Injured players

    And again on saturday first Sicknote Obika, then Thomas
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