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    £9.99 per match?

    I was dubious about the CDKeys thing but it worked. Also, you can watch on 2 devices at once, so for £9.79, my son can also watch the 2 matches while in Bournemouth. Result.
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    League Cup Win tickets to OUFC v Sunderland

    Oxford United. 2 (Simpson, Penney) - Sunderland AFC 3 (Atkinson, Byrne, Hardyman). FA Cup 4th round 5th Feb 1992.
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    Away Match Day Thread +++ 07/07/19 PSF: - Glasgow Rangers v OUFC MDT +++
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    Fan's View - Peterborough

    Hello Jerome - I wasn't at the game today - in fact, I only get to a few each season so my understanding of the situation comes mostly from yourself and Radio Ox. So I wanted to try my view with the acknowledged expert, Paul B, please. It seems to me that Robinson knew that last summers...
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    Home Match Day Thread +++ 27/11/2018 OUFC vs Rochdale Match Day Thread +++

    Point a game from now - we finish with 45 points
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    Nile Ranger

    Back to Nile Ranger I was in the "doesn't deserve to wear the shirt" camp but without knowing too much other than the list of convictions/prosecutions. I have now watched most of the True Geordie interview (slow day at work) So I can now say with certainty that if you're thinking there are 2...
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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

    If you need cheering up after all theses pages of worries, never forget the present that Tiger's friend, Lady Sasima, gave to Reading If he could get her to give us something like that it would be even better than Bazzer for entertainment. "The Glory of Reading" - it's the only thing getting...
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    What do we know?

    Interesting question - I don't have an answer but I too would be keen to hear what the wise people on here think
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    What do we know?

    Yes - though of course, that's quite a big IF - admitted It means that Tiger is keener on football than financial analysis - strange but not impossible And it means that Darryl's (no villian) interests diverged from OUFC's in the last year
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    What do we know?

    Yellowfellow - what these naughty people are suggesting is that Tiger is just a guy who likes football, wanted more involvement after Reading & found a club that he could just about manage to buy. with no great plan. Darryl, once he had decided to sell, wanted the best return he could get so it...
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    What do we know?

    All very interesting
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