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    General Jan transfer window

    I think Liam Kelly might well be in the building to replace CB.
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    Home MDT OUFC U23s v Bournemouth u23s 22/10/2019

    I wonder if Jake Scrimshaw is playing up top for Bournemouth? he looked v good vs us in that cup
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    FA Cup 1st round draw

    I'll never forget those beauties
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    General Oxblogger players of the 90s rundown

    Fair cop, I should've read his bio properly!
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    General Oxblogger players of the 90s rundown

    Also looking at Ceri Evans's book he could be someone the club could use if he's ever over in the UK... All grist to the mill
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    General Oxblogger players of the 90s rundown

    I used to love the Phil Whitehead chant when he was taking a goal kick.. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh YOU'RE GOD oooooooh
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    Home MDT +++ 12/10/2019 L1 OUFC v Doncaster Rovers +++

    I'm from a family of non football fans, but fell in love with OUFC in 2 ways - I used to deliver the Oxford Mail in my village and reading the back page 6 days a week with news of life of OUFC between 1988 - 1991 did it for me. Also we had free tickets via school, my first ever game was a derby...
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    Fantasy Football

    Somehow I'm 2nd, it won't last!
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    General Word Association

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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    Would love to see Grant here.
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    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    would love to see him at OUFC, but I imagine would be well beyond our budgets salary wise
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    Some BS of FB

    Danny C and his fat fingers. Wycombe fan I think?
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    Malachi Napa

    He said something like he's the 'next Ademola Lookman'
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    League One Transfers 2018-2019

    Jorge Grant on loan at Luton all season - good signing, and one I'd like to have seen for us.
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    General Word Association

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