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    International News Talk TV launches

    Never heard of her. But just checked. And she’s not.
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    Away Match Day Thread 23/04/2022 L1: Rotherham United v OUFC

    Watching that cross, I was thinking OG…
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    Matches Plymouth Away - Sell Out?

    Well said. Unless it’s Sw*ndon, of course…
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    Matches Plymouth Away - Sell Out?

    Still got to get to and from the airport though…
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    League One Today's Plymouth and Sheffield Wednesday games

    Is that 70 minutes in?
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    Sport Cricket - Winter 2021/2022

    Completely mad day of crikkit. What were the Windies thinking before the new ball?!
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    General Media Coverage of OUFC

    Now there’s a second team I could genuinely get behind
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    EFL MK Dons..........

    Yes we did. All parties have to agree. And we did. No idea why?
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    EFL MK Dons..........

    And exactly why is Dongs vs. Wednesday such a massive draw for Sky?
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    General New Stadium plans

    The Jericho hasn’t closed
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    General New Stadium plans

    Yes it was. And the Sheaf.
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    International News Russia invasion of Ukraine

    Indeed. I grew up with a lot of Polish kids who were children or grandchildren of Polish men who’d own as pilots in the RAF from a base local to us. That’s why it particularly annoys me when I hear anyone talking negatively about “Polish immigrants”.
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    Away Match Day Thread 12/03/2022 L1: Shrewsbury Town v OUFC

    I wasn’t at the game, but I did watch it on iFollow (thanks to TunnelBear I was “in Norway”), and yes he was.
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