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    Home Match Day Thread 19/09/20 L1 - OUFC v Sunderland

    Robinson needs to address the Henry situation. Im Not to concerned atm were still suffering from the play off hangover just need a bit of pace and a confidence pick up and we will be flying again
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    Home Match Day Thread 19/09/20 L1 - OUFC v Sunderland

    Bore off im making a point if you didn’t like it why did you reply to it ?
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    Home Match Day Thread 19/09/20 L1 - OUFC v Sunderland

    Despite what everyone thinks of the kneeling before the game if you don’t like it do something else. Let’s keep it to football on the match day forum and ffs damn it ?
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    Home Match Day Thread 19/09/20 L1 - OUFC v Sunderland

    Clear to see Henry has lost confidence since his Wembley mistake needs Karl and his mrs to give him the talk
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    Away Match Day Thread 12/09/20 L1 - Lincoln City v OUFC

    Bazzer is right we ain’t going to win today not a negative just a fact
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    ideal to bring on when we have are yearly 5-10 penalty shootouts may bring in Andy Crosby as well or would he require a fee from the nursing home
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    General Lease end date?

    Thanks mate haha ?
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    General Lease end date?

    Just quoting what the bloke said haha
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    General Lease end date?

    I no a lot off people don’t think much of nick merry but he comes in to my place of work on the regular and I have a few chats with him the other day he said there is absolutely zero chance kassam will ever sell the stadium. back in the day they offered 13 million for it and he wouldn’t even...
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    EFL Covid and the play offs

    Honestly the best course of action is to stop it all now altogether imo for the safety of everyone involved scrap the season whoever is in the automatics can get promoted and whoever is next in Line can get promoted as well no need for playoffs so isle give a example top 2 in the championship be...
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    General Stadco Covid precautions - duty of care issue?

    Or even make every game available to watch online season ticket holders obviously don’t pay as part of there ticket and the rest pay the normal 10pound I’d hope the tv companies would understand the issue and would let clubs do this for the protection of are futures
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    General Stadco Covid precautions - duty of care issue?

    I think the lower leagues should have a option of trying to get a few extra Tuesdays in as precaution in case we loose money and see if we can end the season as early as possible
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    Manager/Coach Karl Robinson - Will he walk

    The only question I have is if we get promoted to the championship WHEN we are fighting relegation this time next season will the people on here be calling on robbo to go? I will just ask that if we do get promoted to just remember that we will have by far the lowest budget and in are current...
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    General Been thinking...

    Comes in the shop I work at quite regular if your wondering where that is it’s aldi ? comes across as a nice bloke actually
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    General Jan transfer window

    Also it would help the push the “oxford” brand internationally as they keep saying they want to do
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