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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

    Maybe tiger meant for us all to go 'wow, we've appointed someone' rather than 'WOW, Look who we've appointed!'
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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

    Textbook space filling comment, love it
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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

    Can do space filling comments!
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    Dave Jones gone too

    Tiger must have his own ideas and people to bring in, new ideas at the top and some experienced heads could be beneficial. Not overly concerned at this point, although i would be if he doesnt appoint anyone in 2 months!
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    Karl Robinson to leave Charlton post

    awesome. He'd do the job, has experience at this level and the championship. Not 'wow' per se, but at this point i'll take just about anyone.
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    New Manager Sweepstake Who & When

    I'm going to take a punt and say Tiger is going to appoint himself caretaker manager for the rest of the season in about 10 minutes time.
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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

    I'd like to think so, although given the rest of the process I wouldn't be surprised if they just came out of the blue with it!
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    Training facilities

    Great news! Looks promising, hopefully the new manager can make the most of it. Wonder if this is partly why the takeover took as long as it did?
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    Home Match Day Thread +++ 17/3/2018 OUFC v PETERBOUROUGH +++

    The mood already feels vastly improved. Incredible what a win can do for morale!
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