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    Home MDT +++ 01/02/2020 L1 OUFC V Blackpool FC +++

    I'm absolutely baffled by how so may people think it was Mackie who played the ball to Ruffels? Were you all there? Stupid from Mackie who should have gone to the corner rather than back but it was Thorne who played the bad ball to Ruffels who cocked up the back pass. All three have to take...
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    Glasses found at Necastle

    My dad found a pair of glasses at St James Park on Saturday, we were sitting around M167 if anyone nearby has lost some.
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    League Cup Quarter final draw

    That's very true. Three cheers for Wilder for getting us back eh?
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    Stocks and shares investing

    I haven't read all this thread but curious as to how much people have invested and what sort of profit you're on so far, if you don't mind me asking?
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    Football Index

    I assume no one else does this then 😆 Thought I'd mention it again, I was having a quick browse through the stocks and shares investing thread. Similar concept but with footballers, I find it really interesting and great fun, it helps that it's been pretty profitable as well! Getting a bit more...
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    Home MDT +++ 19/04/2019 OUFC v Charlton Athletic Match Day Thread +++

    Absolute B*****s. Eastwood made a massive error handling well outside his box. That's a red card so the ref has to give it, he can't choose to ignore the rules on a whim, would the people who think it was wrong (not just aimed at you here as there's been a few) still feel the same if it were...
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    Football Index

    Do many people on here get involved with this? A different form of gambling on football that has become much more popular in the last few months. You buy shares in a player, or many players, and value changes linked with real world performance and media presence (amongst other things). I got...
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    Home MDT +++ 09/02/2019 OUFC v Sunderland match day thread +++

    I like the statistical analysis of things like this but I'm not sure I can trust the figures given. To say Browne had a slightly worse than 50/50 chance of sticking the ball into an open net from 6 yards and almost bang on central seems off. Also it happens so quickly live but I thought Nelson...
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    Home MDT +++ 09/02/2019 OUFC v Sunderland match day thread +++

    Bit confused by these stats. Agree we were the better team but I don't think that shows it properly. I can't see how our expected goals were as low as that with some of the chances we had. Was there really only a 1 in 5 chance of Browne scoring from his shot??
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    EFL sacking season

    Nailed it
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    Away MDT +++ 10/11/2018 Forest Green Rovers v OUFC FAC1 +++

    Perhaps I've forgotten in the haze of one of the dullest matches I've ever seen, but what 4 very good chances did we have? I certainly can't remember us having any as good as the one they skied first half or missed by about two yards with the whole goal to aim at second half. For Robinson to say...
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    Home MDT +++ 09/09/2018 OUFC v Coventry City match day thread +++

    Robinson was next to us at the back of the SSU and he was fuming at this. Also wasn't happy with a lot of Mitchell's distribution and was screaming for Obika to go up front when he came on rather than drop into midfield. Overall a decent start today but poor overall. Did their keeper make a...
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    Home MDT +++ 21/08/18 OUFC v Accrington Stanley +++

    Complete lack of a striker is hurting us as the 3 behind all look to have talent at this level. I thought Browne was excellent throughout, Whyte did a lot of good stuff and while Henry wasn't as on it as he often is he still did a lot of good stuff. I've seen nothing from Smith to suggest he was...
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    World Cup match chat

    Nonsense. According to Jonathan Pearce you could see it was offside and VAR wasn't needed. Not like him to be a bit behind the times and confused by new technology...
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    World Cup match chat

    3 cheers for VAR!
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