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    Home game +++ 29/01/2019 OUFC v Barnsley Match Day Thread +++

    Setting off from Northants in next 20 minutes. Any risk to the match being played?
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    Well said Neil Lennon...

    As a Celtic fan, I have to unfortunately agree with Ox4Eva. Lennon is a vindictive and spiteful bastard. Loads of Leicester and Celtic fans have fallen out with him - certainly can’t handle his beer. He can’t go out in in Glasgow without gobbling off
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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

    TBF I don't know anything about his personal life, what I will say is that football is full of odious characters who in any other walk of life would struggle to stay in their chosen industry - even if he is a prize idiot, if he gets us even a modicum amount of success we'll all be hero...
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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

    Is that based on his associated with the Hoops or another reason?
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