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    Transfer News Nathan Holland

    Hes not the only academy graduate that Championship sides tried to poach.
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    General all seater stadium requirements...

    Excellent news
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    Yellow Submarine

    Never been to Ibrox? Plastic.
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    Yellow Submarine

    Better than Penny Arcade.
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    Chris Cadden

    Everyone's favourite football manager wonderkid. Crazy to think hes retired now, feels like yesterday everyone was acting as if he would single handedly steer the USA to world cup glory.
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    Potential New Ground

    You are joking arent you? Half the ground was shut you turd, we basically sold out the sections that were open.
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    General Jan transfer window

    Johnson went in the summer window for 3m? Great business by us imo.
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    Ref Watch 1/1/2020 Doncaster Rovers V OUFC L1 Sebastian Stockbridge

    Thought he did ok for the first 15 mins then lost his head. Have included the linos in the score as think they were just as bad.
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    General Word Association

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    Match Buildup Lincoln- Boxing Day

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    Pyro thrown from North stand against Wycombe

    "I'm a t**t" "He's a t**t☝"
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    Home MDT +++ 26/12/2019 OUFC V Lincoln City +++

    This. Although going for a 3-0 Taylor, Fosu and Sykes.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, here's to a big win tomorrow!
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    Matches 3 10K Crowds in 8 days

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    League One Should we report Racist incidents at football

    No, we shouldnt report racism at football, we should report it everywhere. It's a joke we're still having to ask this question.
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