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    General OUFC twitter hinting at a new retro shirt

    I saw, was more toward with the fact that tiger should know good quality when he sees it ;)
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    General OUFC twitter hinting at a new retro shirt

    I will be buying this very quickly if the quality is as good, youd expect something at least semi-decent when your owner is a clothes manufacturer.
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    General OUFC twitter hinting at a new retro shirt

    It's the Wang 85/86 shirt.
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    Current Player Brannagan & Co to stay and take us to the championship?or not....

    Did you do that on porpoise?
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    FA Cup 1st round draw

    Orient away please.
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    General Dirty Oxford

    Totally agree, it's great to see the tenacity on the pitch. Its also lovely to see the edge to us as a team, Mous taking charge, Mackie and Taylor really giving it to some defences. Fosu on the ball, his confidence as he runs at defences must be so difficult to be faced with, it's almost as if...
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    League One Wally Downes - Wimbledon

    Right call really, have been getting some decent results recently after Glyn Hodges took over. 3 wins on the trot and with MK sliding down the table they may claw themselves back up.
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    Away MDT +++ 19:10/19 L1 Rotherham United v OUFC +++

    Cheers for the vid, nice vlog style. Must say it's a breath of fresh air having an opposition fan come onto YF 'in peace' and not turn into a bit of a prick so thanks for the input on here and the other thread. Hopefully see you at Grenoble Road for the return fixture, I'm sure you'll be up...
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    General Word Association

    Matty Taylor
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    Ex Player Ex Player Thread

    How dare you disrespect the Obika rollover, it brought me great joy seeing defenders quake in fear as the Beek came ever closer, foot moving at the speed of light as the ball moved left, moved right, moved left again until it was inexplicably sliced into touch or passed to a defender. In all...
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    General Word Association

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    Ref Watch 12/10/2019 OUFC V Doncaster Rovers Seb Stockbridge

    "Sh*t refs, we only get sh*t refs..." Not helped by the linos, but again another weak performance by another poor referee. No protection for players getting kicked left and right.
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    League One Coventry City 3rd kit

    I've got a lot of time for this. Very nice.
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    General Word Association

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    League Cup Sunderland tickets at 25% discount

    Appreciate the updates from yourself and @Colin B - I think they're very positive figures especially with more family sales closer to half term.
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