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    International News Covid-19 .....

    I’d argue Saudi Arabia is one who we seem happy to do business with despite being somewhat questionable!
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    A glimpse into our near future from our Italian friends....

    Ah deliver to every house at this time is just stupid. Definitely a take where you’re going situation. Common sense needed to be used by everyone.
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    A glimpse into our near future from our Italian friends....

    Door to doors still need to be delivered as the companies have already paid for them. Presumably you’re just taking where you’re going anyway so don’t see how it increases the risk?
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    A glimpse into our near future from our Italian friends....

    Lot of people ordering things online so parcels are going to continue...
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    Agreed - But he also wouldn't have done any worse.
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    Dan Agyei came round a couple of times, made the whole place much tidier, and got the kids fed, bathed and in bed in record time with no fuss, but for some reason his wife keeps asking Jamie to do it instead. A nosy Scottish neighbour called Eggbert keeps mumbling that it’s the right decision...
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    Matches Play off final

    Can someone upload it to YouTube?
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    It won’t be a ‘cure’ for Covid-19, it will be a vaccine. And cancer isn’t really just one thing from what I understand of it
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    How to complete the season

    Yeah a southern and northern league to reduce travelling. That would be great
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    Chairman Tiger - board will back oufc through covid 19

    To be fair interest free debt is the best kind of debt. If the club paid it back at £1k a week it’s not exactly going to cripple the club with no interest being accumulated...
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    Ex Player Ex Player Thread

    David Oldfield has just been appointed my assistant manager at Oxford midway through my first season on Football Manager 2020 after Faz was poached by Middlesbrough!
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    National News Have you been sent home?

    Hell of a spreadsheet you’ve got going on there
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    Other European Euro 2020 finals draw

    At least Kane might be fit now...
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    How to complete the season

    It annoys me in general when people do this. ‘X won’t happen.’ ‘X will take place.’ Always comes across smug, like they somehow have a higher level of knowledge than the rest of us. I much prefer a ‘in my opinion, X’ or ‘I think X won’t happen’
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