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    Away Match Day Thread 17-10-2020 L1 Peterborough United v OUFC

    Way to early for any talk of KR going. However, he is seen now as the perennial bad starter in the leagues, and there for the taking. Something about our pre-season has to change next summer, KR just can't have another in the same manner and f**k it up for the fourth time. Also, he's proven...
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    Home Match Day Thread 13-10-2020 L1 OUFC v Crewe Alexandra (2nd attempt MATCH OFF)

    Hi Crewe. Thank you for baring with some of our finest posters, aka Essex Yellows and Bazza. I for one welcome your reasoned posts. Just make sure you don't post anything left wing or anti Boris - as EY will feel the need to willy wave...
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    Home Match Day Thread 19/09/20 L1 - OUFC v Sunderland

    I'd be happy to see Forde start.
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    Home Match Day Thread 19/09/20 L1 - OUFC v Sunderland

    No, but I am sure you'll tell us with your forever positive spin on just about anything.
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    Away Match Day Thread 12/09/20 L1 - Lincoln City v OUFC

    agree. I thought it was a dangerous tackle.
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    Astonishes me how some folk on here are giving Henry a hard time. He's proven, and has been our highest goal scorer for a good few years, and his assists are the highest too. Give the lad a break. He's classy and knows the game. The unfortunate thing with Henry is if he not playing well, the...
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    Home Match Day Thread +++ 05/09/2020 Carabao Cup R1 OUFC v AFC Wimbledon+++

    I thin Radio Ox team are brilliant, and deserve more repse I think the Radio Ox team are brilliant, and deserve more respect (which they've earnt).
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    General Radox 5 minute Forum

    He played 27 times and scored three times last season, I think that's on par with Sam Long.
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    General Radox 5 minute Forum

    Let's hope not.
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    International News Black Lives Matter

    Agreed with this. Maybe the poster needs to watch the videos of the killing, and also read what previous the murderer has...
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    Home Match Day Thread +++ FAC 4th Replay - OUFC v Newcastle United MDT +++

    I think you have completely missed the point... Well done Yellows last night. An amazing come back with two incredible goals. We had them on the ropes at points for sure. Peterborough now.
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    Manager/Coach Karl Robinson - Will he walk

    You should know, you're on the fricking board...
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    Potential New Ground

    Hasn't it been said we are trying to extend the lease? If so, we're going to struggle to ever really move on, on the pitch.
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    General Jan transfer window

    I think some of us are ok getting shat on, others aren't...
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    General Jan transfer window

    Hah hhhaaaahhhhhhhh! This made me laugh !
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